Which two auto flowers should I grow?

I’m wanting to auto flowers to grow outdoors in the upcoming season. April to July? I like sativa’s, Hybrid’s the most. I think you have a happy high. I enjoy Music,outdoors,meditation, and viewing beautiful things.

I would like to grow 10 or so total plants outdoors. End of April outside after starting indoors.

Which strains were you proud to grow and very satisfied with the taste and effect.



@Bandito i like the wwa they have grest taste and yeilds and the high is very nice aslo fast growing strain
And they have a buy 10 get 10 free deal going on right now
Its up your ally to being a stavia hybrid :wink:
Ill be growing a few outdoors as well this year woth ak47 autos and a few others


@Bandito you might want to consider Northern Lights. It has an excellent taste and a great body high. Amnesia Haze is very good too but it will put you to sleep quickly.

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For a sativa that keeps you going I love Green Crack. White Widow is good as well. UK Cheese was one of my favorites as well.

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