Which strain(s) will produce a long lasting body "buzz" relaxation


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Which strain(s) will produce a long lasting body “buzz” relaxation, withOUT any cerebral effects? I wish to duplicate the effects of Xanax, without the narcotics. If such a strain does not currently exist, could I create a hybrid to create that effect?


white rhino is said to have a almost narcotic effect…
probably any really heavy indica would help i believe.


Gold leaf chronic widow and afghan and the Og kush and there are more


Gold Leaf. White Widow for me too.


I grew some Gold Leaf and put it in some brownies. Very close to what you are describing.



My first grow was Northern Lights and if I smoke it, it makes me sleepy big time… I also probably harvested two weeks longer than it should have went. I waited for trichomes to go amber but they never did? That stuff is narcotic like for sure… not really my favorite as i have been smoking my WW so I don’t sit there and dribble on myself lol @BIGE


NL is one of my favs too @Zombo,love the taste and effect!