Which strain looks like this one? New strain recommendation

I’m looking for a strain that grows like the huuuge bish in the back. I have Wedding Cake there in the middle, its clone the the left, and Sugar Black Rose in the front. All of those have been picky ass, high maintenance bishes (but WELL worth it). Still, I’m looking for a strain that grows like the one in the back. That one is like: “leave me alone bish and I’ll grow some nice NUGS!.”

Can anyone recommend a strain that will grow like that one in the back but is not totally Sativa and has a little bit of cool guy in it?

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Watch your language please.
As far as growing something similar, everything is a hybrid, so even if you think you’ll get something similar phenotypes can grow all sorts of different.

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That tall plant is presenting a classic Sativa look my friend. Tall skinny, long slender leaves,
I have had random indicas do that but as Covert mentioned its just a phenotype (a plants observable characteristics) that comes from random genetic blending during pollination.
If you want more like that you can clone the plant. Its not hard as long as its not an autoflower.
If you want seeds with those characteristics you will have to go with genetically dominant Sativas. Even then some will be different but generally they should be taller like yours.

By the way, your plants are looking very good, whatever your process it seems to be successful.


Thank you! I’ll put my grow ticket below. I don’t grow autos. I have a clone of that one, which is supposed to be Critical Kush but I’m like . . . hmmmm. I figured I would have to lean Sativa if I wanted this type again. My Indica doms are always bushes that are picky little bushes that are a lot of work and grow out to take up a lot of space (they bush out, which is what they are supposed to do so I’m not blaming them for what they are but damn!).

Do you have a recommendation of a Sativa strain that won’t make me clean my house for two hours? Or low paranoia?

GROW TICKET: A living document

Hatch seeds in Solo ½ FF Happy Frog (on bottom) ½ FF Light Warrior (on top)
Agrobrite 125 W 18/6
Humidity 80%
Temp: 80 degrees F

3 gal. fabrics
Super soil = FF Ocean Forest amended with Neem, hydrocorn, kelp, superchar, worm castings
Boogie Brew compost tea
Nature’s Pride Veg topper
LED Spider Farm 4000 18/6
Humidity 60%
Temp: 68-70 lights off; 77 degrees F lights on

5-7 gal. Air Pots
Super Soil
Boogie Brew compost tea
Nature’s Pride Bloom topper
Nature’s Pride Flower Finisher (last 4 weeks)
LED Spider Farm 4000 12/12
Humidity 45%
Temp: 68-70 lights off; 77 degrees F lights on
PH: 6.4
Run off PH: 6.3

Happy growing!

I have a batch of Purple Haze that I have aged/cured for 3 months and its quite nice.
I have found that the older it gets the more mellow it becomes. That head spin, dizzy, headache, speediness diminishes as it gets older. I prefer the Hazes’ over indicas as long as they are aged well.
Amnesia Haze was the same way. Early on it was unpleasant, but once it cured for a while it was great.

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sour diesel.