Which soil to use?

Hey guys!

I bought three saplings of AK-Diesel and I need to find the nest soil to transfer them. The saplings were grown in BlueSky Organics Super Soil. I need to transfer the plants in bigger pots soon but I’m confused about which soil to use.

I’m using a 1000W LED Full Spectrum, Sunlike 3500K and 660nm for Red. The average temperature of the tent is 75°F and the humidity is around 50% mostly.

I ordered pH perfect Advanced Nutrients thinking that I’ll provide the nutrition separately.
I’ve come to know that BlueSky Super soil already contains nutrients. I’m really confused if I should order the same soil (It’s kind of costly) or if I should take another soil and not let the nutrients I’ve ordered go waste.


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I’d recommend Happy frog, if you want to use your AN line.

Happy growing! Nice grow so far!


Thanks a bunch man. Will the plants face too much stress after I’ve transfered them(saplings) from Super Soil to Happy Frog. Also, does happy frog work good with pH perfect?

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Like everything after a transplant, check your first ph runoff and make sure your good to hook!

Each plant has their own mentality :call_me_hand:t4:

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Happy frog is very friendly medium for what we grow, among other things. A lot of growers use it. Fox Farms actually makes all it’s soils to be cannabis friendly.

You could go with ocean forest, you won’t need to add nutes for awhile. Once PPM readings are low or the girls have depleted the nutes, you can start adding nutes. Yes, Happy frog works well for most nutrient products, including AN pH perfect.

Looks like you are in fabric pots? If so, I have never transfered from fabric pots. I have seen it done successfully.

Read this, he is my mentor and uses happy frog with the entire AN line of nutes.


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Couldn’t have said it better!!!


Do you add anything to the happy frog and what kind of nutrience do you use

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Yes, perlite. I currently use the fox farm trio. However jacks 123 and Advance Nutrients lines are better. I also add cal mag every other water or feed 5ml to one gallon of water.

With perlite you will add 32 cups to 2 cubic feet of soil.

I suggest you buy these at a shop versus online, much cheaper. Fox farms website has a list of shops.

@zee if you have more questions

Hi how do I ask questions here on this site? It says “sign up and ask a question” but only see a search bar. Would love some help, thanks

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@M_rayyy go to main page and click new topic

Many thanks!! Appreciate it so much :slight_smile:

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