Which seeds yield the highest level of THC

The title says it all. I’m looking for the most potent flower seeds which yield the highest level of THC.

I’m a medical buyer and the day before Christmas I popped in to my dispensary to see what’s new and good. You know, hardening back to the 60’s and 70’s when you could easily run across some true, one hit wonders. I haven’t seen that kind of flower in decades. Until now. I picked up 4 1/8ths of something I’d not seen before. Got it home and fired up a one hitter and I was in heaven! If I could only grow that strain my search would be over! Anyway, I put in an order for 7 more 1/8ths. When my allotment goes back to zero I’ll go back in and clear the place or my allotment out, whichever comes first. I haven’t had that kind of smoke in decades.


will your dispensary sell you a clone?

Like @pillsbury said see if you can get a clone, but also what strain did you buy it’s possible that you can order seeds of that strain.

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Strain Name??

Lots of seeds or plants can give you high levels up in to the 30% area. But you cant get those plants to perform unless your grow area is set up to do it. You need great lighting, and you need your environment to stay in the proper parameters throughout the entire grow.

I have personally watched my Gorilla Glue cut(I won bud of the month with it) grow in my buddies garden and it looked like complete crap. At the end of the day, it’s all about the variables in growing the plant to get you those high percentage numbers.


Seasoned grower hit high potency taste and smell… before you jump in head first do research on what goes into achieving supreme crop…and more importantly what to do to cure supreme crop for supreme results… u can grow beautiful plants… mess up the cure and ur one mad consumer now u got a grow under your belt then make adjustment and try again … u probably won’t get awesome crop first try I wouldn’t do exclusive seeds for a first attempt… I’m assuming u haven’t grown before post was a little vague as to if you have grown before

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The strain is Jet Fuel OG. I find seeds marked with 20% or so but the flower I had was marked just under 30%, and it made a believer out of me and I will do everything humanly possible to meet or exceed that level.


I’ve seen future #1 being as high as 37% but yea I think those numbers are only achievable hydroponically in a co2 rich environment otherwise your lucky if you hit the low 30s personally I don’t need to smoke anything stronger then the mid 20s but I know companies wanna have the tag line “strongest on the market”


30 % is definitely not a probable number if highest was 37% I would expect less then half of that 20 or less would be reasonable for a first time everything goes pretty smoothly… usually doesn’t happen I’m on my 8th 9th multi plant harvest I know im up there in potency but potency is not everything … taste smell potency go hand in hand for quality


It is Rythm Balance, Jet Fuel OG. THCA - 28.34%, THC - .37%, total = 28.89%…

This stuff is like a throwback to approx. half a century ago… remember Thai Sticks, Acapulco GOLD, Red Bud? I’ve not had that kind of reproducible high since those years until now. I bought 1/8, came home and tried it through a one-hitter and OMG, it hit me like a sledgehammer. I waited until one minute after midnight and then ordered my full one week total of 2 1/2 oz. and was there when they opened. I’ve since looked for and found seeds by the same name but without exception every one came in at ~20%. I would fly halfway around the world to obtain the same seeds! I’m a medical consumer and I can honestly say that this is the first time I have gotten any relief in 3 years as a medical user!

My Volcano Hybrid arrived about an hour ago so I’m looking forward to a pain an anxiety free weekend!


Keep striving for the best :sunglasses::v:

Nope. Not in Illinois.

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