Which seeds to choose?

Hello again, I’m after a bit of advice re seeds. I’m in uk and have had 3 succesful grows indoors. All using clones but am keen to start from seed.
So, im debating what to go with. I want a high yield (don’t we all) as well as feminised. I will be purchasing off this site, but the choice is so confusing.
I really struggle with containing the “smells” so am contemplating the charcoal exhaust system, hoping this will help! Though someone did say that a air humidifier would help? Any views on this too?
So, to summarise, feminised, high yield, smooth smoke & low smell (if there is such a thing!)
Once again… TIA x

There ain’t. The smell part anyway. The rest is no problem. Everyone has their favorite strains. I grow White Widow, Gold Leaf, Trainwreck, and Chronic Widow and they all smell like a skunk in flower. The smoke is great on all of them. I personally have to use edibles for chronic pain, but I do enjoy a few hits now and then. As for yield, Gold Leaf is the best of the 10 strains I’ve grown so far, but it definitely has that dank smell to me.


Thanks @skgrower, didn’t think so, but was worth an ask, im gonna look into edibles too as have chronic lower back pain from arthritis. I had some ‘oil’ that someone kindle made for me but I can never get the dosage quite right and always end up zonked out. Which I hate. Yet to try something that truly works.
I was looking at white widow but not chronic, hows this different? X

Chronic Widow is one of the highest CBD and THC strains. The White Widow is very powerful though.

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If you want to mainly focus on edibles ( they are all good smokes as well) for pain management my picks are GL and CW too. They are awesome for pain and sleep. Both high yielding and everything stinks so air filtration is a must

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GL tends to grow tall right? Sounds good when I’ve read bits about it, but rather keep them short?

I’ve grown CW and GL and both are good yielders as well as great smoke. The GL makes me more spacey; the CW makes state at stuff stuck while not really thinking about anything. Hope that helps lol

Makes state at stuff stuck?! Are you participating round about now @Thelaughingwolf :thinking :joy:

:joy::joy::joy: I meant to say stare at stuff, but was so rudely auto corrected lol



new corp of hybrids has some high THC : OG Ghost, Banana Kush

no idea of smell factor.

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California Dream strain I’d extreme thc, very high yield and fast flowering. I believe the description says 56 days

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