Which seeds should I buy?

Hi All,

I’m looking at getting a couple new seeds off ILGM. Last year I did Gold Leaf and White Widow.

Im thinking of 1 Sativa and 1 Indica dom. Let me know your thoughts.



I started loving the sour diesel the smell, tasty and frosty​:dash::dash::dash::dash::sunglasses::yum:


i actually did Sour Diesel in 2020. FROSTY af! really enjoyed the grow

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Yes I love so I will recommended strawberry banana but ilgm don’t had that strain but that strain go to smash is 27% thc

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Sour Diesel and Blue Dream!! Both are hands down winners and have terps and the smoking power to put down even experienced smokers. Cant go wrong with either of those two.

They also happen to be hybrids with a nice pheno gap. U can find some seriously good tiva leaning Dreams then u can luck up and find that one hitter quitter. And Diesel is… well diesel. No idea which way it leans, but its a throat punch and lazy eyes all day


How about the Purple Mix Pack
I grew the Purple Kush and Haze (fantastic plant and colas) and now growing GDP
One sativa (heavy) and two indicas