Which picture is better?


pic 1 or pic 2 thoughts appreciated thanks


I never like blurple pics.


pic 1 is nice, combine the side lighting with some front lighting for shadows and u got a winner


#1 with natural light


#1 for sure


ya i don’t think anyone here likes blurple, and if they do they still wont like it for pics


the same bud , i would harvest that kola soon.


Been waiting on a little amber haven’t seen any yet


strange no juice yet, milky is best,:cow:


No 1 :slight_smile: both are nice but first one is gorgeous


Pic 1 ! Natural lighting for pics brings out the best in them. Nice job


No need to discuss, I’ll go with Pic 1. It’s catchy due to it’s natural lighting. That a good stuff you got there by the way… hmmm makes me wanna try it on my heady glass. lol