Which ones is better for me?

HI everyone !

I need a litte help , my firs grow experience started 15 day ago so my little girls 15 days old

ı dont have any idea for nutriens choosen MY SOİL MOSTLY COCO
(120lt COCOpeat 60lt PEAT and 50lt PERLİTE )

1 ) ı want to addition advise too but ı havent much money so ı buy just 1 or 2 additions product (big bud , vodoo juice ı think )

2 ) My nutrients Options are

  1. Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice set or grow A+Bbloom A+B
  2. General Hydroponic flora set
    3)Canna Terra Vega + floras
    4)Canna Coco A+B
    5)Advanced Nutrients grow micro bloom set
    6)Sensi grow & bloom A+B -A+B or COCO A+B- A+B

What you think about canna coco , ım most close canna coco

Thank you !!

I’m not sure of the NPK ratio of the nutrients , but you have several of a different brand , which can yet be more harm than good if you give the plants a hard mixture . The easiest way to administer your different nutient lines , would be best if you used the Lucas formula in the NPK ratio . Mixing different brands can cause headaches and stress to the plants if they are given wrongfully . But if you count the numbers in the NPK ratio and it equals out for what helps plants grow you’ll be fine . I used ILGM nutrient trio booster with Advance Nutrient additives but in the Lucas formula and my plants did great , but I would not mix different brands together without balancing the NPK ratio , and considering what’s in the soil medium also …hope this helps .

Yoshi thank you ! ı choose just one basic nutrient and 2 additing product but ı cant choose which brand better for me

If you can’t afford to use our stuff, which is actually formulated precisely for the needs of cannabis, and not many other commercial nutrient lines can claim this…

and you really want to do something affordable and easy, then, yes, as Yoshi said, go with the Lucas formula with General hydroponics flora series 3 part, or even easier and simpler, the Simple Lucas formula with flora micro and flora bloom, no need to buy or use the flora gro. You can also use Maxibloom alone, or Flora Nova Bloom alone. These all can be used at mixtures that come very close to Lucas’ regular formula.

Since this is your first grow, you should keep it very simple so less things can go wrong. You really shouldn’t be throwing a ton of additives into the mix until you have a grow or a few under your belt and you have better understanding of what does what. Keep it simple stoner :wink:

I’m not sure why you chose coco as a new grower, it has been known to cause a cal-mag deficiency if not looked after, Lucas formula does require a cal-mag supplement when used in coco, but that is one simple additive, so it doesn’t complicate things much, and if you do use Lucas’ pal Head’s modified Lucas formula or add any general hydroponics’ or botanicare’s cal-mag supplement, you’ll do fine.

Happy growing,


Thank you again , last question what do you think about canna coco is that good or bad choose

Sorry, sometimes I do want to add more and edit, lol, I’m really bad at later going back and adding extra stuff after I re-read what I wrote, ha ha. Anyway I kind of answered your question in my edit above.


Ege123 this is the website lead experts on the site Macgyverstoner and Latewood if you not familiar yet . But he stated coco is not for a beginner due to coco being a neutral sort of medium with no micro organisms in the coco , so everything the plant needs in coco you have to add it are you will have a calcium issue or a magnesium issue , if not both . But Macgyverstoner has taught me unlimited amounts of information just by reading his responses to others , due that those guys are extremely busy to honestly answer every post , it’s only 2 of them that monitor thousands of questions daily . I’m on my fifth or sixth grow , and I used soil for my first 4 grows , due to coco should not be allowed to completely dry out , more less like soil . Coco kind of simulate a DWC drip feed regiment , and you have to know the basics and important details about how the plants grow and what they respond to in veg and flower , and by no means don’t think I have it all figured out , because I really don’t . Im learning each grow is different even growing the same strain , just ask Garrigan62 , I think he on his 6 generation white widow and he still learning new things about the strain . But if you remain teachable , and keep it simple , MacG or Latewood will get you through your grow from seed to harvest and dried and cured buds of great quality , but it’s up to you how you apply that information , being those guys has spent unrelentless hours , and probably thousands on mastering the knowledge of growing successfully from a tent , a closet , outside , are in a extreme green house . There is no other site and volunteers as good as these two guys on here at ILGM . Now that ILGM nutrient booster trio has yielded 3 of my best yields since I’ve started , and the Lucas formula is by far the most simple way to really get your grow to its maximum potential . But we all start somewhere , and we always questioning if we bought the right nutrients , do we have the right lighting , how to manage temperatures and so on , but it will always be questions in our own mines just because of nature of wanting more for less . If you want great quality , than you will have to invest in it somewhere . Since you started , just keep it simple and try to get from start to finish the easiest way possible . Happy growing !!!


I really thank this helpfull and honest writting , that’s why ım obsessed to canna coco but ı cant find any info. for canna coco

I’ll see if I can find something on canna , what are you really wanting to know ? I’ve seen a few run canna and did really well in the early days of growing .

to be my first time ,and I use coco more diffucult than soil for first time
I’m afraid to use something that is not for coco, but ı dont know canna its good as the other old-famous soil nutrient

I’m growing in coco coir , but it’s only my top layer of medium . What I do is layer my soil , I mix the red bag of fox farm potting soil with fox farm ocean forest and roots organic , and I put that mix on the very bottom of my pot about 2-3 inches , and than I put coco coir mixed with perlite on the top . The reason I do this is so as the plant grows and build roots , the roots will grow into the organic soil which by that time the plant would be developed enough to with stand the micro organism in the bottom layer and that soil won’t burn or stress them . I tried starting in fox farm ocean forest one time and my seedlings sprouted , but after a week they started to burn and die , which the fox farm was a little to strong in certain micro organism that was to strong for seedlings . Some strains do fine from seedling stage in fox farm ocean forest , but some strains can be very sensitive to NPK ratio in FFOF . But the coco being neutral with no micro organism , it gives the seedlings a better chance at growth , and also I don’t have to transplant from a smaller pot to a bigger pot , and it’s been very consistent for me . Now Happy Frog by fox farm is a better starting soil i think for seedlings in my opinion or light warrior . But the thing about coco you don’t want to let it dry out completely , but not keep it to wet also , which where it can be a challenge for most beginners . Now far as nutrients , I used ILGM booster nutrients and advance nutrients hobbyist level additives , which is voodoo juice , B-52 , Overdrive , and BigBud which worked great in veg , and in flower . Now advance do have a coco line , but I didn’t used the coco line , I used the regular advance nutrients with ILGM nutients in the Lucas formula , which I’m getting great results for a small grow .

Great layer idea !! ı dont know that , thank your advices awesome informations for me .

ı think ı buy hobbyist lvl additives too and ı choose the canna coco basic nutrient , ı hope my mix dont blow up :slight_smile:

It should work anyway you choose as long as you keep the nutrients in the right ratio , that’s why the Lucas formula is really helpful when mixing different brands on different concentrate levels . I mixed ILGM with advance nutrients in the Lucas formula and it’s the best results I’ve seen yet in my experience .