Which one should I get?

Building a grow room (finally legal) room footprint is 4 x6 with a flowering of 4x4
My big ticket item will be bought with some extra cash from uncle Sam

My question is if you had a choice between a rebuilt
Scorpion rspec or a new blackbird which would you choose

Have limited hight so I need the 18 inch from canopy they are similar in price
The respec has a little more power (600 vs 500 )
But the blackbird has 3 years warranty. And a better spectrum

Decisions decisions decisions

Was also floating around 2 Diablo boards (400 watts)
Any and all comments welcomed


I personally like the scorpion better and it’s on sale little bigger, better coverage ,more watts, just my choice✌️


I wish I had the money now.
With my luck by the time I get it the sale will be over.
Hopefully the dude code still works

You can’t go wrong either way, so take some comfort in that. I’d consider that the Blackbird is just released, with no long term reviews. The R spec is very much proven over the years. I recently replaced all of my fixtures with HLG. I have a Scorpion Diablo in my 4 x 6 closet, 350 R’s in my two grow tents, and a 300 R spec in my nursery tent. They all outperform my previous fixtures!
Good luck with the setup, and like I said, you can’t go wrong either way!

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Thank you
Kinda still learning towards the blackbird mainly for the warranty (3 years vs 1 on the rebuilt scorpion)
Most likely won’t be able to afford an upgrade down the road so want to get the best I can . Just afraid the scorpion will be to much for the space I have . Like I said I’m limited on hight (can only get light to 6 feet from ground) topping Lst and a scrog are a must .
Also does anyone know spectrum I was told that the blackbird has a better one than the scorpion but in my little space will that even matter

I guess HLG did change the spectrum in the new 200 quantum boards


Actually, if you check the specs on both of them, the R Spec Scorpion can be kept closer to the canopy than the Blackbird. R Spec can be 18" in flower, Blackbird says 20" to 24".
No worries on either one being too powerful, they have dimmers. I’ve never come close to 100% power with the Scorpion.

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That’s what I was wondering about
I am new to growing inside so I don’t have a clue of which one is good or better than the other
Just want to get it right the first time

I mean by which spectrum is better than the other
Is there anyone on here that might know

@dbrn32 is your best bet for a technical answer on the spectrum difference in the new Blackbird.

Ok thanks
I’m somewhat technically challenged if I tag him he should get this thread right ?

He’ll see it cause I just tagged him in the last post. I’m sure he’ll be around sometime soon.

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If I could do it all over again… I’d full my discs with the new Diablo 200s. Hey as many as you need to meet your desired wattage and have ultimate adjustability for even the plants don’t want to be the same height.

I know that isn’t playing by the rules and choosing option. Sorry

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Thank ya’ll very much
Just looking to do it right the first time
( no burple for me please )


This one compares the spectrum of HLG QB 288 Bspec Vs Rspec.
The Bspec is the Blue spec for veg while Rspec is Red spec for flower

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The average person wouldn’t notice to much for difference in plant growth and development by the difference in light spectrum. The blackbird is plenty big enough for a 4x4. If there is any chance you would upgrade to a 5x5 flowering footprint in future, the scorpion would slide into that and do better than the blackbird. Otherwise you could make either work well in the 4x4.

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Thank you much appreciated
New to indoor so I keep asking dumb questions want to get it right
So tired of overpriced dispensary and the 20 percent sin tax
Don’t mean to be bothersome please bear with me

hopefully in a couple months I can send some pictures
If there half as good as some of the ones I’ve seen I’ll be super happy
I have grow some decent bud outdoor
There’s just some many variables (not counting theft )
Can’t wait to see what I can grow in a controlled environment.
Again Thank you


Take your time and I’m sure you do well.

Black birds look cool but it’s HLG new budget light I think. .
I would get the better boards if it was me, build it or refurbished, whatever you choose. But if I could afford not to, I wouldn’t get the budget light imho…

Not saying it isn’t a good light as I’m sure it is. But them H diodes are nice :grin: