Which one of these LED Light for grow tent?

I have a 2000 watt LED light would that be to much for a 48x24x72 grow tent. I’ll be growing 2 Autoflower plants also it uses 200 watts from the wall not sure if that matters.

I also own a 1000 watt LED light that uses 185 watts from wall

Thanks for the help

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The 200w will grow 1 plant, probably with airey buds but I would use it.
Hard to say though because no details

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Ok what kind of details am I leaving out also should I just use both lights in the grow tent? Thanks for responding

I would use Both, one above each plant. With plants close enough together without crowding each other to also get some side light from the other plants light…


The easiest and obvious answer…what brand are those lights?

I would use both but honestly HLG lights will be better than what you are using.

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I ecco what @MrPeat said

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