Which one is which plant?


Help! Lol I have a Super Lemon Haze a Blue Dream and a gold leaf. I mixed the labels up while germinating then. Can you tell by the pics which one is which. They are all in the 8 week of flowering. Thanks Steve …I’ll send a pic from each the an overhead pic and tell me please what they are from left to right. It’s my second grow!



Blue dream, gold leaf and lemon?


Unless you’ve grown them before
smelling and tasting them maybe the only way your going to be able to tell


Idk but they sure do look good!!!


Think middle is blue dream as looks like the same colour as @MickyS blue dream?


My Blue Dream has red and green striped main stems and purple fan stems. That might help identify it, Hard to tell from your photos.


Based on what I see, I’d guess the middle is Blue Dream.:thinking:


blue dream is on the left. that middle one is really purple I’m guessing that’s gold leaf. never seen that one but the right is lemon