Which of these two would you put in your tent?

Here is the first light by Crecer Lighting QuantumX 200 Series LED. It pulls 200 watts from wall and PPF Output: 500 umol/s, Efficiency 2.5 umol/J

The other option is the Crecer Lighting PanthrX Mini LED
It pulls 320 watts from the wall and PPF Output : 800 umol/s
Efficiency: 2.5 umol/J

The lights will go in a 3x3 foot Tent which totals 9 sqfeet. Can’t link here but the company is Crecer Lighting easy enough to find online.

Which one would you choose if you were buying these lights? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

I’d suggest the bigger of the two lights to start and adding the second during flower.

No room for a second light, lol. The tent is only 3x3 foot so it will be tight to just get the larger one in. Also wouldn’t that be overkill for 9 sq ft at 520 watts…There website says you can use the smaller QuantumX 200 Series for flower in a 3x3’. The PanthrX Mini LED they listed it for 4x4 and 5x5’ areas. Didn’t know if anyone had one of these lights or not. They seem fairly well priced and 20% off as well, when you sign up for the newsletter. Their site also says designed and developed in California but doesn’t say anything about were is was manufactured. Which I am assuming would be overseas. Going to call tomorrow and find out more.

Have you ever heard of horticulture lighting group. They make some quality and efficient lights. The 260w qb is pretty nice. I just updated my lights to these and have noticed a big difference in how my plants are growing.


Yeah I’ve heard of hlg, lol. Right now I want a plug and play type light. I have looked for months and months, this is the best I can come up with in my price range. Which is around 350ish dollars but hopefully I will know more when I call them tomorrow.

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If the ppf on smaller light is truly 500 umols then it’s big enough for 3x3.

That light looks like two double row f-series 560mm. If that’s the case, the strips are running at max current and likely running pretty damn warm. I know you said you wanted plug and play, but for $300 (probably less) you could buy 4 of those strips and run them at half the current. That would get you bump in efficacy, output, and coverage. You would also have a Cadillac of a fixture instead of a workhorse.

I would email company and ask for sphere data on it supporting their output claims too.


I grew plants under one light that pulls around 275 watts. It wasn’t enough for one plant.i have a 4x4 tent.

Have you checked the their site? They posted a few links for lighting data and info. Just wondering if that is what you are looking for?

@dbrn32 Is the light guru. My baby girl was 60” tall and over 39” wide.

Here is the information about the light I used and it still grew my big girl, I had to pull a 2nd plant was early…no space.

I’d like to see that on every light.


They put some up, but looks like their own. I guess I was hoping to see a formally written third party report lol.

Like @Drinkslinger said, some data is better than none. And I typed f series strip earlier, those are probably custom strips but similar.

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It won’t let me copy and paste some of the images over here so you would need to look at the data, test and par chart.
Total PPF (umol/s): 491.98 umol/s Total Lumens: 30,966.09 lm Efficiency (umol/J): 2.48 umol/J CCT color Temperature: 3600K

You said something about sphere data…They have two charts called CIE1931 & CIE1976 Is that what you need?

Have you checked out the options at Fluence?

DB has been a tad busy. Im sure he’ll be along to help in a while. And a quick reminder, as he maynot have u set to watching. Tags are life :joy: @dbrn32

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Yeah Fluence is to long and to expensive. Their SPYDRx is showing: PPF: 810 µmol/s
Efficacy: 2.5 µmol/J
Input Power: 330W

And it cost almost twice as much. Almost the same specs as the one I posted at half the price. So yeah I’m pretty much settled on the Crecer Lighting at the moment.

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To be honest, I’m super happy with the spydr x, but would prefer to build my own next time. The reason I suggested looking at their lineup is because of form factor. They have several models to suit special applications. The designs of which could easily be mimicked in a custom build, maybe even improved on?

Thx for the info all! I’m going ahead with the QuantumX200 for $240, free shipping, no tax and no building or putting stuff together. They have U.S customer service and a 3 yr warranty if needed. That’s not a bad deal at all for a plug and play light. I was going to get the larger one but it’s only going in a 3x3’ area so it would be a very tight fit.

My tent is 32x32 and I built a hlg qb 4x120 panels and it cost around 270 bucks. It will smoke that prebuilt one I’m sure.

They aren’t really that hard to build either if you are the least bit able to use a screw driver ! Maybe a hacksaw? Heck the build dbrn32 sent me, all the parts are pre cut! It may as well be pre built? Of course that’s like 800 bucks Canadian but the equivalent pre build would be 1200 or more! Big savings and great feeling of doing it yourself!