Which Nutrient and Npk Ratio? Biobizz and others

Hello everyone! I’m a little bit confused about which nutrient or fertilizer i have to use. I choose 4 different type of NPK ratio: 7.3.6, 9.3.6, 8.4.4, 16:7.5:12 and also I have Biobizz bio-grow and bloom but their NPK ratio is low, grow: 4.3.6 bloom: 2.7.4. Also Biobizz is natural other have chemicals. Whats your opinion? Pleasae Help :smiley:

Which ever you choose, start at about 1/2 strength and go from there. I use general hydroponics flora trio, it’s 3 part and simple to use.

Ok thank you but i just don’t understand what is happened if NPK ratio low or high. When its high is it much more strong nutrient? and when its too high can it burn to plant? I really want to use biobizz nutrients because its natural but cause of the ratios i can’t be sure is it too low or insufficient. Thank you for your answer by the way : )

@dbrn32 explained it before. Can you check this post out and help dude

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Those numbers represent the concentration and ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus to potassium in each bottle.

3-1-4 is essentially the same as 9-3-12 just in different concentrations, if that makes sense? In addition to the n p and k values, there are additional macro and micro nutrients that the plant will need. So it’s not always as simple as using this bottle or that bottle. Most nutrient manufacturers will provide a series of products and a schedule. When used in conjunction with the manufacturer schedule the basic requirements should be met.

There are always variables and differences that may come up, and sometimes those need to be accounted for. If that’s ever the case, you would deviate from your schedule as needed. Knowing when and how to do that comes with experience. Until you’re at a spot where you can identify and fix problems like that, it’s best to follow a schedule to at least some extent.


I got it, thank you :pray:

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