Which light in this space

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a 48x48x78inches and I need to know what size of light I should use.I thought I would get a 600 watt HPS&MH.But I also thought about 1000 watt.Could you help out on which one should I use.

First if your just starting you need to to go with a t5 florescent or a 300 watt florescent 60 watts used with 2700 or is it 2400 lumens then when you get into veg stage which is 4 to 5 true sets of leaves you then bump up to 400 hps then say after they reach 18 to 24 inches high. Switch to 600 hps or if you want 1000/hps but if you do make sure that your light hood can be vented for heat.

400 hps and 600 hps is very good color spectrum for vegging and 600 thru 1000 hps is very good color spectrum for flowering.
I would be more than happy to send you a more complete write up on lighting. Just ask…and i’ll sendbit to you


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This is more a question leading to more questions if you have ventilation vented shade fresh air humidifier you can use a adjustable 1000w ballast that dims to 50% by simply changing light distance and bulbs through out stages.

I’m setting up a grow tent the exact same size as OP, and I’m waiting for my 600 hid to be delivered today.

I chose the 600 hid because it’s dimmable, and because of its proven results. Personally I think 1000 watts in a space that size is overkill.

LEDs are completely new to me, but I love what I’m seeing from them! I’m setting up the exact same grow chamber twice, one veg and one flower and I’m seriously considering using an LED in one of them.

Also the added initial cost (almost double) of a comparable LED will about pay for itself in the first year in electrical savings

As was said above it pretty much comes down to your circumstance and desired initial investment -good luck

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Hate to break it to you but the guys growing those nice buds you see under leds are running same true watts per foot math. Most are running 2 600w leds or a few 300’s the only true advantage is in spectrum control not so much energy bill they are a little cooler so you may save some on heat control depending on how you run ventilation. If you want to get ahead of the curve LEC is better than both.