Which light and watt for seeds that just got a little root?

Rockwool DWC bubblers

What light is the best from the following…

MH - 600w/400w/250w



I know the T5s are best for little babies, but id have to spend 150 getting enough to cover the pots, would the MH and dual spectrum be ok at 400w or 600w if they are 4/5ft away? or is it worth investing in the T5s?

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@yoshi does a lot of research on a lot of lights I don’t know if he will be able to help you but I’m sure he can he’s my light guy that I go to

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thanks dude

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MH at 4 to 5 feet will do , @McLovin777
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What’s your square footage, T-5’s not much heat to control and can be extremely close to plants without burn are bleaching, Mh\HPS lots of heat, plenty of ventilation and at least 3-4 feet away from foliage especially in small size grow spaces, but the more intense light, the bigger your yield.


Ah @yoshi the T5’s are just for the babies, until they are say 3 inch or 6inch tall i was thinking.
I have gone pretty “all in” on this set up, so no chance was i going to skimp out on their first steps in life (so to speak) if you advised me not to type deal.
The tent is over 6ft tall, 200cm = and they will be in hydro buckets (which keep um cooler than soil i believe.
So the choice is i get a 70 bucks T5 (2ft by 2ft) and use rockwool in these until they are 6inch) or just smash the MH and DUAL SPEC on 5 ft away from the buckets :slight_smile:
Personally i think that 5ft, with them being in hydro, constantly splashed with water that’s going to take ages to heat up, should be fine! but whatever you recommend, is what will happen.

Tent total is - 2.4m across, 1.2 wide, 2m tall (2m is an average door 6.5foot)