Which led lights is best

Hi guys what led is a good one to buy. Want to get a decent one straight up. Any suggestions would help. I’m in aus… thanks

Have you considered an LEC?
I just started with mine. My hydro shop guy told me, and I’ve read online that for the money they kick butt over LED.


Is this for the veg stage only? Sunlight supply is reputable but I have never seen this product. The most recent LED’s are adjustable to go from veg to flower by increasing certain light spectrum. How does it save energy? A side by side comparison with LED? Some good products are coming on line but in order to sell they had better put specs and comparisons into the true light of peer review and present the findings in language such as an imbecile as I can understand.

The stock bulb, 3100K, is fine for veg and bloom.
I suggest searching around the internet. More and more growers are going with them.
It’s all about the quality of light hitting your plants.

How many led light watts would I need to cover a 1.2x1.2x2m grow tent??

400watt should be , anything stronger will be even better .

A 1.2 meter square tent is the same as a 4ft x 4ft tent. The industry standard is about 500 watts per square meter or 50 watts per square foot. A 4ft x 4ft tent is 16 square feet, this means it needs about 800 watts. With a really good LED you might be able to use as little as about 30-35 watts per square foot, but that is still about 500-600 watts.

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Good info. I have read that my Sun System 315W LEC produces light equivalent to a 600w HID.
I have it in my 3’ x 3’ tent.

THANKYOU. Now I have something to start with… could u recommend a good quality led

Here’s a couple:


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