Which LED grow panel should i use

Question from a fellow grower!

I have bought almost all I need to get started growing. But I need input on which LED GROW PANEL TO use for my 3, 2gal pots, need to work but is inexpensive to buy and run. Will I run it 24/7 or like 12/12 hours a day. Please advise.

Read this:

Pay attention to this part:

Is the cost of a LED Grow light worth the reward?

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Yeah, lighting is not really the place to try to save money. The harvest amounts and quality of the weed differences between cheap lighting and good lighting is dramatic, and a good light costs about what a zip of good weed can cost.

If you can’t afford much lighting, then I would suggest that you only grow one plant at a time.

It’s also a good tip to mention that Amazon is not the place to go for cannabis lighting. Many of the “burple” manufacturers outright lie about their lighting capabilities.