Which leaves to leave

These Gorilla Autos are third week of flower. I’ve trimmed some bottom leaves that were yellowing but I’m not sure what to do with the leaves toward the bud. Some are blocking light from other buds. Others are at the top of the bud just kind of sticking out. I’m a first time grower and they are doing better than expected. I just don’t want to bugger it up.

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Tuckem. I would not remove any right now. She looks good. Will need the solar panels for bud growth.


Leave all of them. The purpose of defoliation is to increase airflow and light penetration. Your plant doesn’t need help with either.

Buds don’t do anything with light. Leaves do.


I’m a defoliating fool. I can’t seem to leave the leaves alone.

Lollipopping and defoliating is what I think lead to a decrease in mold and insects. Last year I lost about 1/3 of my outdoor grows. This year it was less than 5%.

I pick a mid sized leaf and remove all bigger leaves. I remove all the leaves attached to the main stalk and any leaf not connected to a bud site I intend to keep.


Thanks. Great post for me. The urge to snap a leaf or two sometimes tests common sense. Your approach reinforces the common sense part and definitely satisfies the urge part.


Plant looks happy with Good air flow I’d let the leafs ride At this point.

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Yep looking good. As long as you can see dirt thru the canopy you should be good.