Which Hgl light will cover 4x4 tent for 3 plants?

I upgraded my tent have a 400w led and a 180w led in there now. I want to upgrade my lights for this tent. I am going to use my other tent for seedling and veg. I hear such good things about hgl lights. Just want to know what size.


Two HLG 260XLs are perfect for a 4x4, though there are some newer models out that might be better. I’m not familiar with the newer models. Someone will come along who can elaborate, I’m sure.

There are less expensive models you can use for just veg, but you may as well get lights capable of flowering plants since they are only slightly more expensive. It will give you more flexibility.


The rule is 35 to 50 watts per square foot but I think those numbers are way outdated. 400w actual of quantity quantum board light would be enough for a 4x4. I’m not a fan of the top named lights because you have to pay extra for the name. I would put a spider farmer sf4000 in a 4x4. Of course the 650R HLG would give you much better results but is twice the price. Both are made with the same name brand parts.

2 sf4000 for the same price with 900w actual power
1 HLG 650R gives you 630w actual

I checked out the sp4000. I like it. So this upgrade is on a budget so 1 will do fine for now with my 400w led. That would put me at 840 true watts. That will work for this grow. Thanks for the input.

I am at 35watts per sq. ft. now. With the new light will bring it to 56 watts per sq ft. NIce that works for me. Can put the 180wat light in other tent for veg and seedlings.

Yes sir you’re welcome… I asked Santa Claus for a 4x4 and a sf2000 and Christmas is about time for my next grow. I would prefer a 4000 but I have one 2000 already, well unless Santa brings me a 4000 and I can use the 2000 for veg I do have a couple 600w blurples actual 113w each that with the 2000 I would have well what I’m growing with right now lol. Guess I have to wait and see what I get under the tree for Christmas… lol

I run two HLG 260xl rspec in my 4x4. If you have seen my journal, you will get to see why HLG rocks.

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LOL…well dont get on his bad side!! LOL Hope you get what you want. Peace bro

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I’m not in any way putting HLG down I’ve seen what people grow under em and I would probably run them if I didn’t have to watch what I spend. One of those 650r would be nice I could do a 5x5 instead. The cost would go from 500 to 1200 for an extra 230w and 9 s feet

@MeEasy The cost up front sucks. But imagine this. I drove between 3 trips to Denver I drove 6600 miles. I had to get hotels as well. Plus eat out. And with fuel costs, marijuana and hotels I spent at least $5k.

So it was cheaper just to get the good lights so I didn’t have to drive a 4th trip. Now I am pulling 2+ lbs dried and no stems. Love my HLG’s.

@MrPeat Wow that’s alot of driving for smoke. I live less than a mile from a despencery. I don’t even smoke anymore I grow for the challenge my ol lady and kids take care of what I grow. I got 528g out of my $400 of lights in my last grow and if :crossed_fingers: nothing bad happens it’s lookin like I’ll beat that this time by at least a hundred grams. If Santa brings me what I asked for I should double my next one.

Edit == before anyone says anything about my kids smoking they are in their 30s

The HLG600 DIY veg up to 7 by 7 and bloom a 5 by 5. I use it with power to spare

Welcome @Tango_Hotel_Charlie ( T H C lol love the name) to the neighborhood… I’m not a big fan of HLG only because the extra price for the name although the kits seem alot more reasonably priced. But then again I’ve never owned one so maybe it’s light envy lol because I’ve seen them produce some nice plants just don’t know watt to watt if they’re worth the extra money, many other companies use the exact same parts for a lower price tag… maybe I’ll hit the lottery one day and buy $8000 worth of lights tents and seeds and find out lol… again welcome hope to see you around, good luck and most important have fun

I just bought these this morning

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These a special goung on now but it ends tomorrow.
Some will take the discount code " dude "

I have the 260xl’s, plan one 3rd xl new board here soon. You will love them :v::sunglasses:

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Haha, I just read that back to myself :v::expressionless: What I meant to say was I have 2 of the 260 xl boards, will be purchasing another soon. Looking at maybe the UV board down the middle in a 5x5 :wave::sunglasses: