Which grow method to use, Indoor or outdoor?

Hi all. In lower half of Australia and just about to hit spring. Still getting day temps of around 16deg C and nights down to 8C. My plan is to grow in a shed with clear roofing (i have aluminet shadecloth for summer). I also have ability to move outdoors (while plants are relatively small). Im using the grow book but wondering what methods to use most- indoor or outdoor?
I also read about keeping the soil warm. Is 8C too cold? Would the use of heating wire in pots be useful?
Lots to learn but just want to get off on the right foot.

You want day time temps to be around 15-18 c
And your night temps shouldn’t be getting to freezing
I would not put heaters around the pots unless you could regulate the temperature to maintain proper temps

Thanks for reply.
I think my main problem will be the heat in thr shed as outside gets warmer. Even now at 18C outside im getting 25C in shed. I have an exhaust setup but probably need fans aswell

Or a small ac unit. Still early so expect that shed to reach unbearable temps in a couple months

Your summers are very hot aren’t they ?
Is shed in full sun all day ?
So i would think yes heat may be a issue for you in a shed you will definitely want to have some type of venting in the roof and definitely fans to move air
Ac would be good but would be costly if shed is not insulated

Yes our summers can get real hot. 40+ sometimes and real dry, no humidity at all… i do have Aluminet (aluminum coated shadecloth for 50%shade). On the roof if needed, also aircon. I have a hydro exhaust (worried about smell going to neighbors) and a med sized window at ather end.

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A charcoal filter on exhaust should help with smells
But sounds like you have put some thought into it
Only thing i can suggest is think about insulating the shed as well to help keep the heat out or cool air in and you should be in good shape

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The walls are insulated but the roofing is clear. Cant insulate that or i lose the sunlight. As our summers are very dry should i introduce some humidity or spray leaves?

A humidifier sounds like a great idea. But kinda contrasts the ac.

Temps are climbing. 30deg C today and summer is just around the corner