Which grove bag?

I’ve always cured in mason jars but I keep hearing about grove bags. I checked Amazon and grove bag website I didn’t know there was so many different options of styles. Which one do I need just for standard curing ?


I have used them from 1/2 ounces to 1/4 pound. I prefer the one and two ounce bags for cure and storage. They are the same height, and share the storage space well.
When we are in the RV, I like to use the 1/2 ounce bags. They are great for traveling, and contains the smell very well.


Go through the Grove Bags website. I have heard complaints about ones purchased from 3rd parties.

I think they all work equally well. Personally, I chose solid black with no window, 1oz and 1/2 oz sizes.
I pack the 1oz for curing/long term storage and the 1/2oz size for curing/daily use.


Nice I wasn’t sure when I noticed all these different options. I understand the size of course but was like what the hell everything else meant had no clue. I figured some ounce bags, 1/4lb and 1lb bags should work then. Thanks for the quick response

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Wished i needed more, and larger than QPs. First time using them on 1st harvest 12/2022. The banana kush has gotten better with age, and every time its opened smells of fresh banana bread.

I cant wait to see what happens with the next 2 flavors. :+1:

No burping at all compared to the jars.


I am sure, that you have figured out that you need to go to the custom order tab on the Grove website. For ordering just a few bags.
Our local HTG Supply carries the one ounce bags with the windows for $.99 each. This can save on the shipping.
I like all of the choices on their website, and this two ounce is one of my favorites.


The plain black, or black with the windows. I had some of the novelty strain specific Grove Bags with the cartoon pics on the bags and they don’t make well for long term storage. Just my po. But the plain black ones are great.


We like these alot, they are loaded already.

It don’t get much better. Invested one time, 600.oo total and got 9-10 zips of very good smoke for 60+ yr olds first ever who paid 200-300.00 about every 3-4 weeks of weed that you touched and it crumbled on touch. Illegal state. And we still have beans leftover. Our little light did nothing to the light bill.

Credit to the family of growers here.  

Grove bags

:+1: x :100: