Which gorilla glue seeds do you sell?

The gorilla glue seeds that are sold on your website don’t say if they are the original or GG#4 or #5 could you tell me which phenotype ILGM has


Hey @Brad2981
Gorilla glue was made like all plants by crossing two plants, this then leads to a set of seeds that are known as F1’s and within those F1’s are multiple different plants with a mix of the genetics from the two parents but this will depend on how stable the genetics the parents are. Anywhere from 4-10 to more.

When the original gorrila glue seeds were made they planted multiple seeds and of those seeds they all received #'s from the breeder #4 being the most famous. These favourable plants were cloned before they actually went into flower in order to keep the exact genetics.

Ever since that original breeder cloned gorilla glue with the differnt pheno types no other plant will be the same. Unless you get a clone from the original. However the closes you may possibly get is from original gorrila glue and they have back crossed and inbred the generic to provide some stability which they sell those seeds on their own website. It’s now trademarked original glue, they also sell a new glue and something else.
Being that we all know what plant was accidentally (in this case) crossed with what plant, from there every breeder who has a gorrila glue seed for sale has done the same thing. However the result will never be the same it may be worse or better from seed to seed and alot will depend on the quality and the stability of the parent genetics that were used in the breeding.
It will also depend if they have bred out the strain or in bred the strain to build stability.

In short, it’s a gorrila glue copy cat, shot in th dark same as you’ll get anywhere else results may vary depend on quality of breeder but if you plant 10 seeds from the same breeder you will find multiple different types of plants.

Cannabis genetics are not very inbred like tomatoes for example.


Wow what a amazing explanation thank you so much for taking your time in that reply



Yeah no problem Brad if you ever need help just tag me with @ Nicky.

Genetics is often poorly explained and I’m not a pro at it but it’s something I’m trying to understand more lately