Which flowering nutrients

A question from a fellow grower:

What are the best nutrients when you’re in the bud cycle

It’s no such thing as better , it’s more less a matter of choice and cost . I love Roberts nutrient in the shop “ILGM Booster” gave me phenomenal results , some use General Hydroponic nutrients get great results , but it really comes down to what you can buy and what formula works best . Truthfully you can give the plant just ph water , but I’m not sure what the final yield would turn out .

Yoshi, all plants need nutrients not just PH’re water.
Your result will be a dead plant…lol
For me as you stated, cost is a big thing for me cause of the size of my grows.
Yes I agree To, Robert does have excellent nutrients. But I prefer Advanced Nutrients PH perfect as you know.
So I will say go with the Advanced Nutrients PH perfect. It’s less expensive and if you order one at a time they send you a free 6 oz bottle.

Hope this helps

B Safe

Really a free 6 ounce bottle of which one , are you get to pick ? I want Bud Factor X !!!

No, when you order from Advanced Nutrients a one liter say oh Micro they send along with your order a free bottle of what ever could be anyone of there products.
So far I have gotten two 6 oz Over Drive, One Pandora, and two BubbleGum
So the choice is yours. And no you don’t get to choose.

B Safe

Ouch , but hey it’s good stuff and it’s worth the money.

Hi, Yoshi ? You have used technaflora recipe for success which is what I’m using now I’m on my last feeding and feeding chart has a pre harvest solution that recommends feeding 40ml of sugar daddy and 2.5ml of magical for the first 3 days and then flush last 4 with ph water…wanted to know if you used it this way and also I purchased general hydroponics florakleen for flushing wanted to know your thoughts on this…thks

no Iceberg , I followed the flower feeding through week 6 and ph water only afterward until plant finished.

Ok do you think adding that much sugar daddy would do some damage to them and have you used or heard of general hydroponics florakleen for flushing

I’m not sure if it will or not , sugar daddy is more less like molassess from my understanding which helps the micro in your organic soil . I have heard of flora keen , but I’ve never used it , I only used Bush Doctor by fox farm for flushing or hydrogen perioxide .

I might give it a try I keep hearing people using molasses and then use the florakleen this week 8 what do you think

Week 8 they look awesome , I’ll leave them on auto pilot , mean whatever you been doing is perfect . Look at this way , you too far in flower to cause issues after keeping everything in perspective . I would not want to experience this late in the grow , you only have a week or two more before final harvest . I’ll give ph water only for another week and check the trichomes , if some are Amber and mostly milky with few clear , I hang it and let it ripen drying .

Believe it or not , deciding on when you pull it up and hang it can be just as challenging growing , due to the fact it’s three different stages in the trichomes on what type of smoke you want , clear - cloudy - or Amber ? I try to dry at least one cola in each stage on deciding the next grow .

Ok makes sense I will take your advice and just use ph water will let u know how she smokes thks again for quick response… thks bro

If you have several plants , you might want experiment with one , than sacrificing them all . But to conqueror the curiosity , one must try ?