Which fertilzer for nitrogen deficiency 3rd week flowering

Morning all,
I believe I have a nitrogen deficiency from answers received from a previous thread I posted. I transferred to bloom nutrients too early.
I have a choice of nutrients at hand. I can use Jacks 20:20:20 or Grow Big’s 6:4:4 ratios. Which do you recommend at this point and what dosages should I use (full, half)?
The other question that’s been ercking me. My plants are outdoors and potted.
Do I use the dilutions for outdoor plants or for indoor plants?
Below are some images from this morning. As you can see, many of the trichomes are still pretty transparent so she needs more time to fatten and mature.

Thanks and be well…elliot

Photo on 9-10-20 at 3.58 PM


It’s in a pot and not in the ground so I would be using the amounts for potted plants…indoor I guess would be equivalent.
The big older fan leaves will start yellowing up in flower and that’s normal and yours doesn’t look excessive. Nitrogen is mobile and the plant as it ages will draw from older leaves nutrients and use it for new growth…It’s normal and will increase as you get closer to harvest.
The new growth looks good to me.
If you wanna give her a N boost and your healthy and eat well and not taking Pharma pills etc piss in a cup and dilute 10:1 with water and use right away. This will give her some N and Pee and K etc.
It’s free and I use it sometimes along with other dry nutrients I top dress with etc.

Your lady looks good to me as it is but a quick urine water mix would give her readily available N if you think it’s needed.

Yea you have awhile to go yet she will fatten up.

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Thanks Skydiver,
Earlier in the grow I did a urine boost with a 10:1 ratio which might have contributed to some issues she had earlier. Unfortunately, I do take a pharmaceutical 8 pill cocktail every evening which might have been an influence. I’ll ask my wife if she’s willing to contribute to the cause. Maybe the female to female relationship would do wonders.
It won’t be for a couple of days as she was just watered yesterday. (the plant that is)
Thanks for your reply Skydiver.