Which fans for tent?


Hey guys! Right now I’m running two clip-on fans at either corner of my tent, blowing across the canopy. These don’t oscillate and are only 6”.

Which fans do you use for air movement within your tent?

Ps. There’s also a 4” inline fan pulling air through a 8” carbon filter.



I use two 6" clip ons in my 3x3 area, works pretty good for me. plus my intake fan, and my exhaust fan to exchange the air in the tent… Really depends on the size of your space I suppose…


I use a regular table table oscillating fan plus the a.c. unit that’s pushing air. My room is 4x5. But I have a shelf to accommodate it. The clip on work wonder though, because they can be located almost everywhere. My first grow I used a box fan and daily I would move it to a different position at different speeds.


I guess ive got overkill. Ive fot 4 fans @ the 4 corners.


Is it overkill if you don’t have bud rot or mold?


I have a 1080cfm blowing out my room


I use an 8" oscillating fan, a 6" clip fan, and a 380cfm exhaust fan in a 2.5x5x7 tent. In a few weeks, I’ll be putting up my second tent, same size, and hooking it up to the first: the first tent will be my exhaust tent, while the second will be my passive intake tent. The second tent will have a small oscillating fan & a clip-fan. I have a 200cfm fan I can use to boost airflow from Tent 2 to Tent 1, if necessary.


I have a 240cfm intake fan attached to 6" duct that I place under my plant(s). I have a 4’ tower fan that sits in the corner and oscillates and I have a large, forget the cfm’s, 6" exhaust fan with a variable speed dial. I can pratically fold the tent up if I run that a full bore. It’s usually between low and medium speed throughout the grow.


I hate the useless clipon fans, hate them


Clip on fans suck. But in my 4’x8’ tent I’ve got 2 of the small clip ons, a vornado drawing air in, a big oscillating fan, a big box fan, and a 4" exhaust fan ducted out a window.


Clips-ons work great to get air exactly where you want.


I use them to blow across the light heat sinks.


Knock on wood, grow 3 no mold or bud rot.


1: They don’t stay clipped
2:The don’t move much air
3:Then they fall off and break $500 of plant on the way down
I could go all day, I use 4 and they all suck
Todays new tent day, be able to walk around in this one and clipon’s going in storage


I’m in a high desert and run a cool humidifier almost the whole grow. keeps it 45%-50% and drops the temp 10 degrees


I use a six inch inline 600 cfm for my exhaust that I recycle in basement and a second 400 cfm in-line as a intake i also have a 400cfm inline that exhausts outside the house
Then I have a 12 inch standing fan plus a 6 inch fan and a tower fan that I removed base on and hung up high in my flower room
I also ise a tower style honeyweell electronic air cleaner in the flower room
All of it is filtered as well


Pretty standard practice to wrap clips in a couple of wire ties, will keep them from falling. In my experience they actually move about the right amount of air if you don’t have them too far away. Much more and you’d risk damaging plants.


Yeah i use clip ons and 2x 4inch inline fans and until my new fan comes i need to use my large 16inch fan but it does the job and dont need to use the other ones however i should have the new one today with 2x 6inchh and a 4inch clip ons but i also cable tie mines as i had the accidents we all dread.


Sorry you’ve had sh*tty luck, but your bad luck won’t change my mind about using those inexpensive fans to direct airflow exactly where I need it. To prevent slipping, I use shelf liner grippy material wrapped around the tent bars BEFORE clipping on the fan.


I also have 2 of the clippy ones on opposite sides of my tent, i have them tied to the poles with black straps which i can easily wiggle up or down if/when needed. They are great for smaller spaces. I also have one 12" oscilating one for when it gets too hot which being in the uk isnt very often :see_no_evil: but what works for one wont always work for the other.