Which editable for me?

Hi I used to be an avid smoker 10 years ago. I can’t smoke anymore it hurts my lungs. And creates asthma for me . Also I don’t like delaying with bud, bowls and the instant super fast strong high. I’m here for another reason 2 fold. I’d like to get editabmes whether oral or ingestion , but I want 2 types. First one I want for purely medicinal … I do suffer from body pains… for instance. Y neck gets super tight with spasms and I will get massive tension and some headaches. Would love to get something to help block pain etc. the other type would be a mood enhancer , ore for fun, either going to a Friends for a beer, or pool hall, or even at work lol. Just something not heady… low thc, but enough where I can feel it and be chill. Can anyone provide brand names / styles so I can look up . This is my first time I’ve thought about brinjgmf cannabis back into my life… especially for the medicinal part.

I would recommend the Blueberry or Super Skunk. Both are relatively easy to grow and will have the affect you desire. You can alter the medicinal properties depending on when you harvest. If you do decide to order seeds and grow, this forum is filled with people that have experience to help you along the way.

You can make tincture, ointments, pills, cooking oil, alcohol and topical rubs, butter. Anything that THC/CBD are soluable. Good luck and maybe we’ll see you around.

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I don’t grow . But my questions still stand… sorry to confuse

Where are you located? Legal or illegal state?

I would recommend getting some RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), and for tasty edibles I recommend some gummy treats and desserts. They’re the best in my opinion. My favorite so far has been the THC chocolate bars, they’re delicious and actually get me high.



Chocolate! Sweet! That could be dangerous! LOL! :joy::joy:

Kiva is the brand, and they make some good chocolates in all different flavors!


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