Which distiller for RSO?

I don’t want to blow my house up so I decided to buy a water distiller to make RSO.
Does it make a difference if I buy a cheap 60€ distiller instead of a 200€ distiller? They all have a steel chamber and auto off function and since I will not be using it to make distilled water I was wondering if it makes sense spending much more than needed?!
What do you think about it?

I bought a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System off Amazon for 115 Euro / $136 US. It works great. PPM is 20. Out of my tap it is 335 ppm. I’M not sure distilled is necessary when a reverse osmosis system is so easy to use and effective, but I have never considered distilling water myself either. :slight_smile:

is the system I am using. Good luck.

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@Reticence how often do you have to change filters? I have really hard water. Around the 450 ppm range, and considered a system similar to yours. Although I use my well water and add my nutes with no problems. But I’m still considering…

They advertise to change the carbon filters every 6 months and the RO membrane once a year I believe.
I figured I would check the ppm with my meter and see how it is working. Plus if the flow is also adequate I will wait. When ppm or flow is out of whack then I can replace the carbon filters and see how it is working then! :slight_smile:

Are the replacements expensive?

The replacements for mine are a bit pricey. $25.99 for the carbon filters and $60 for the entire set.

Not sure what a “Robot Check” is

Fixed the link ~Dumme

Cool. Thanks a lot brother

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