Which deficiency? any help?


A question from a fellow grower:

Hello! I was wondering if you would be able to help me out. I have posted my problem on several forums to no avail. Not sure if you would write me back at all with any info but here it goes. I have 2 girls, both flowering. I am a first time grower, and have not had any issues up until now. I recently battled with some clawing in my Sativa which I believe was due to N tox from what I have read. Well I added sawdust to the soil and the clawing is slowly sorting itself out. Now both my girls, Indica and Sativa both have browning leaf tips, they are curling upward and some of the browning is happening in the middle of the leaf rather than the tips. It must be some sort of deficiency but I am having trouble figuring out what its lacking. I don’t want to keep trying by trial and error, as I would like to have a nice decent yield with good smoke. I added Epsom salts to the soil. 1 tsp each plant. Is it really that deficient in Mg? Could it also be Phosphorus deficient? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Cheers!


I’m sure someone Will chime in who knows more then me. I can link you to a chart that might help.
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Light system, size?

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Looks like you suddenly change your nutrients from veg to bloom to fast . It can be iron , magnesium , or calcium . Never change nutrients suddenly , it has to be done gradually .


When your plants are deficient in phosphorus, this can overall reduce the size of your plants. Not enough causes slow growth and causes the plant to become weak, to little amount of Phosphorus causes slow growths in leaves that may or may not drop off. The edges all around the leaves or half of the leaves can be brownish and work its way inwards a bit causing the part of the leaves to curl up in the air a bit
Miracle grow Tomato plant food, Miracle grow All purpose plant food (Only mixing at ½ strength when using chemical nutrients, or it will cause nutrient burn!) Other forms of phosphorus supplements are: Bone meal, which is gradual absorption, I suggest making it into a tea for faster use, where bone/blood meal is slow acting, but when made into a tea it works quicker! Fruit eating bat guano, which is fast absorption, Worm castings, which is gradual absorption, Fish meal, which is medium absorption, Soft Rock Phosphate, which is medium absorption, Jamaican or Indonesian Guano, which is fast absorption. Crabshell, which is slow absorption. Tiger Bloom , which is fast absorption.

Finally …ph level of 6.0-7.5 (wouldn’t recommend having a ph of over 7.0 in soil) Anything out of the ranges listed will contribute to a Phosphorus deficiency. So check your PH

Hope this helps

In my notes is this pic of what a phosphorus deficiency looks like in flowering.

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