Which comes first

I would like to try a dual grow but I only have a single "closet ". The strains are gold leaf photo and white widow auto both ILGM. if anyone has numbers on the veg of the gold leaf so I can try and calculate the proper flower time.

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What numbers do you mean?

Just a roughb guess of veg on a photo gold leaf , ILGM I need to run my
W/W ILGM autos so that flowering starts roughly the same time… I’m planning on an 18/6 cycle, pro-mix…

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. 2 weeks seedling stage, 3-5 weeks of veg and then 7-12 weeks of flower depending on the strain. You cannot calculate a finish time on plants realistically. You can guesstimate but in the end the plant does the “calculating.”


Two different strains will likely flower at different times no matter what you do. Autos are on a timer PHOTOS you can start flowering at same time but every plant finishes at it’s own pace.

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I tried doing this but it never worked. I planted 3 of the same strain and they all finished separately from the other 2.

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Welcome ! put your two Autos an two photos in the same closet. Run your light schedule on 18/6 when your photos start showing maturity at that point on you can flip light schedule to 12/12 to start your photos into flowering stage . And you can finish both autos and photos on 12/12 . Just my thoughts good luck


My thoughts as well @kellydans . :point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up:


6 weeks of veg is a pretty good number if you’re trying to set something artificially ahead of time. They should be decent size and mature enough to flower by then. If you’re trying to grow a monster then I’d allow more like 9-10

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@Eagles009 It really comes down to your lights. If your lights are sub-par, you won’t get a high yield.

When it comes to monsters, the rules go right out the window. You need to use more nutrients and water. My Monster and Super Monsters will drink up to 2 gallons a day. You also need to be in tune to grow a Monster. I grow Super Monaters with no Veg circle at all and I grow 12/12 start to finish. But I use HLG lights which makes it easier to grow a Monster. :+1::+1::+1:

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Yeah I like tha so so you thinking plant the photo about 7-8 week before the autos to max the veg cycle in photo then switch to 12 -12 sor they go to flower at relatively the same time…

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@Brandini Plant both at the same time , autos will start flowering somewhere between 4 to 7 weeks. And when you get ready the flip photos to start flowering change your light schedule to 12/12 Autos will grow under just about any reasonable light schedule. Your auto should finish first to make room in the tent for photos to maximize.


So if I get really luck , in theory you could get 2/1ccycle 2grows to 1… in a perfect world

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You got it ,I look at it as the Autos is a little bonus.

I’m more of a quality burner instead of a quantity burnner

Your weed is gonna be what it’s gonna be. Growing out a larger plant isn’t going to make it less potent or lower quality. You should want as much good weed as you can reasonably get. The cost of powering and caring for a healthy grow will add up quickly too. To the tune of seeing at least a couple members quit growing because they can buy it cheaper.

At the end of the day, you want your space setup proportionally to its size and a full canopy. It won’t matter if you have 1 large plant or several small plants. It will be good if you do it well.


Can you help me with a quick question. I’m looking to buy another light cant afford anything new but if could give me some na… like a name of company for me I just need a lil that will arerx

I’m happy to help, but not clear on what you’re asking. You want something good to look for potentially on resale markets? If so, horticulture lighting group is good stuff. Exact model will depend on space and what you need it to do.

Sorry brother, I have a 4’x5’ room… built, owner, and operator. I just need a decent light to push my ladies i just did a grow of autos with 3 home depot 19w led grows. Ill tell you the pictures they “look marvelous” BUT closer inspection reveals a light larffie of a bud. Dont think light is enough. I was hoping you could give me some reputable names of lights or something. I have no funds really to speak of so I can’t afford to be doopped on something that won’t help me. Does this help relay what I need 1000 watt something or other thank brother you are greatly appreciated

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Have you tried growing with hps? A 1000 watt hps would probably do a good job in that space. I would make sure to get air cooled though if you go that route.

Big names in led are horticulture lighting group, fluence bioengineering, chilled tech, timber grow lights, gavita, and many more.

If you come across something that catches your eye, take a screenshot to post and tag me. I can always take a look.