Which comes first,ph or nutes?

Lets say i have a gallon of rainwater…i need to add nutes…do I get my ph in check first then just add my nutes,or do I add nutes,then get my ph in check…or does it even matter which way? …sorry for such a silly question…just want to get it right…lol

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i check ph before pouring in the plant pot…
so the answer i guess is after nutrients…


@Neckred My experience with nutrients is that they typically change the ph of your water after they are added; sometimes drastically! Always check ph AFTER adding nutes.


@BIGE,@rodri59…thanks guys,makes perfect sense


Knowing the ph of your collected rain water wouldn’t be a bad thing. Typically my 50gal rain barrel is 6.3-6.6ph. My sink water is 7.2. After adding NOTG nutes at full strength it would bring it to about 6.3ph, perfect range if feeding with NOTG’s.
Typically you wanna mix all your nutes with your water, balance the ph, then use.