Wherw can i get small dehumid with no light for night cycle?

Looking for anyrecommendations for a small dehumid that i can run inside a 3x3 tent that when you tape the light it the whole body doesnt glow from within so i can run it during night cycle pls

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Your better off spending more for a larger unit and conditioning the air in the lung room. The small dehumidifiers don’t work well inside a tent and tend to add a lot of heat


Yep, I’m stoned. Pretty sure he’s talking about a DE-humidifier… whole different animal


Cover glow with duct tape


Still see it through vents. Trust ida wrapped it tighter than Jamie fox in booty call

I had gotten a little one for my tents and the reservoir filled up but i didn’t find that it made much difference. It couldn’t keep up with the air i was pumping in. What did work was putting a dehumidifier outside the tent and pointing the exhaust toward the intake fan. It did make the temps go up a few degrees but nothing crazy

I just use a big dehumidifier in my room where the tent is. Keeps the humidity down and any air sucked in is obviously low humidity so voila :slight_smile:

Maybe try those packs that you can hang in your car that have powder/crystals that adsorb water. No electricity and no light.

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