Wheres the love?

I’ve been on this site daily for several months now, and have checked out about everything I can find online concerning our topic of choice. This site really stuck out amongst all others in its honestly open and positive community! But in the last several weeks, the entire tone, or attitude of the forum as a whole has taken a great fall. I still check in here several times a day, but, to me, it almost feels like a different place. I could be slipping mentally, it’s not unusual with my medical condition, but I feel maybe I should place a shout out in case I’m alone. I really was moved by my early experience here, and felt it was special amongst the sea of mediocrity! But I’m feeling recent changes aren’t going to help the forum. I have no idea of the business side, but I know you can source seeds much cheaper, with far better variety elsewhere. If I don’t feel comfortable in this forum, I’ll buy cheaper seeds elsewhere. Not trying to shake the cages, only offer an avenue to save what I feel is a dying plant.


I completely agree @Blountville But I’ll definitely be buying some Gold Leaf seeds soon.

Where are the good vibes at? :v:



Well thoughs good vibes are right here well. Not all the good vibes but I do have plenty to go around.
The rest come from people like you. And a hole host of others just to many to is iist.
The tone and attitude have a taken a great fall, I don’t see that. at all, not in what I post anyway. I can’t speaks for everyone but just because I was chosen to be a Leader didn’t change me in now I answer or in how I given an answer.
I sorry you both feel that way…
And that is very true about it he seeds And even if you were to buy your a seeds elsewhere. I’ll still be here to help you with any problems.
And yes you have shook the cage cause you got my attention and most likely others as we’ll
This plant will not die it will only flourish.



I got a new manager a while ago and she started her “get acquainted” speech with “I love you all” which most of us recognized as a lie.
We didn’t want her love…just her respect, we wanted someone that would listen and offer advice and encourage new ideas.

this forum is filled with ideas…so many are so far off base the plants never grow…other people really have 10 green thumbs, able to watch their plants and see what they need.
we have pirates breaking the rules and rule followers that stick to the tried and true.

there are people looking for advice…their heads are filled with old stories on how to grow pot.
this forum is a clearinghouse of those false ideas and by participating, they can find out what they can rely on or not.

there have been questionable posts…we have all had days that lead to our venting…sometimes maybe a little too sarcastic or a touch too negative in the critique. Some of us could try to do better.


You and me both for Gold Leaf…I have my new grow tent all set, ready to germinate some seeds.

But, I have to decide on media, scared of hydro DWC because I have no alternative power and we have gone over a year without an electrical outage. We are due, could be 6 days or 6 months, I don’t want to watch them drown without air. There are predictions of a big hurricane season which could affect me.
A generator is financially out of the question, atm.

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Where ya at? Hurrican wise. We lived closer to the coast in nc for years -not real close but they travel far inland now in the mountains so no real mess but couple years ago In July had crazy rain and wind and tree fell over on porch. Scary I thought dog was dead and kids were right by that wall of the house. Dog came walking up the drive four days later with goofy grin like Wazzup y’all? Lol (meanwhile back at the ranch) hope you have a safe power filled hurricane season

I feel the drop in love also.I’m not here to feel loved or wanted though just information. I agree alot of the info. isn’t tried and proven but more of an opinion but I just simply sort through all of it and research it and then make my decision. I’m not here for garden parties, football leagues or cooking classes just good solid proven information. That is what I thought this forum was for. Have a great day to all…


Connecticut, surrounded by trees, tall trees…and they are due for a culling.

A few years ago, two years in a row, we lost power for a week the first year, 11 days the second year from early snow storms. We haven’t suffered a significant power disruption since.

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Cooking classes. Now there’s an idea :joy: I like the community aspect that’s why I gravitate back here. Tried another forum but everybody always is like this is exactly how you do it and if you don’t do it exactly you suck and you failed. I ain’t fail !@#$. Never have. If it’s !@#$ed up I’ll do it again and again til it’s right. The point is the insight and camaraderie. If I want to know something right now I’ll look it up I come here to enjoy the path to the answer. I happen to enjoy the garden croner (:joy:) idea.


Never been, I hear it’s nice I’ve been trying to get the missus to move up the east side To Vermont as I’m betting it to be next legal state lol i think I’m planted here though. In wnc sucks as there is no decent bbq here. Eastern nc bbq is where it’s at.


I’ve got Gold Leaf babies, but after burning my first one and setting it outside, it only lasted about another month and eventually withered away. Hopefully I’ll get a taste of the new crop by Christmas. I should have plenty of White Widow to last between now and then.

I play in bands. And over the years, I’ve learned that you’re always running into band members that want to stir shit up. I just never try to be that guy and ignore as much of others doing it as I can. And when I do recognize bad behavior on my own part, I apologize. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

And now to spread some love:


How’s this for love? It’s my kitty bogarting the pipe! :laughing:


Maine and Rhode Island are considering liberalization next…I dunno the full legal aspects…

Connecticut won’t…our politicians couldn’t see a cash cow, like legalization would be.
One politician in state knew someone addicted to something and that person died from an overdose. Now that politician is against liberalizing marijuana.

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Our “leaders” are paid to block all things that would help citizens. Wouldn’t be surprised if next year electric company is allowed to just straight pipe waste into the forest. And I believe the view is “marijuana is a gateway to hades” but alcohol is ok. Lol at about 3am with weed never said hey lets get a couple grams of Coke.

@Bloujnt ville,

The only love that I know of in here is the love lof growing marijuana.
Witch I believe there is no shortage of .
ILGM end of story !

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Ouch I took it as in being part of something with like minded folks with growing being the initial draw bringing us here. But then again I’m just a paper bag blowing in the breeze


I like paper bags! They come in handy for so many things.


I too am here to learn all I can on growing. I’m pretty sure that’s why everyone is here, but I think in a community of such similar minded heads, there should be plenty plenty of good vibes.


The tone has had a change of late but most seem to trying to be helpful. The internet can be a harsh place and some ppl like power :scream:


I’m cool with whatever so long as I’m not dragged into conflicts, and I learn something about everyday from the forum. I just figured I would see if others were feeling the general change in atmosphere. I’ll never get why some folks feel the need to be a dick, in my experience, they are generally unhappy people.

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