Wheres the buzz

Was very disappointed with the LSD the buzz was very low for something over rated The grow went great no problems I had others like Mowie Wowie that kick your butt after 2 tokes The White widow auto flowers were also disappointing but all grown together so light and fresh air are not the problem I guess thats what you have to due is weed out the wimpy strains if your .looking for a decent buzz .

Diff plants effect diff people in diff ways. Maybe the LSD just isnt for ya. Have u grown any other strains? What besides MW tickles ur fancy?

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I can smoke 1 gram and be stone cold sober in 30 min. It effects each differently because our bodies isn’t the same.

I let my one neighbor smoke sometimes and she gets extremely horny and starts humping my leg. Another gets the munchies. Its fun to see the difference.

My Peach Puree CBD between 3 different people. One is a cancer patient it takes all her pain away and she goes to sleep.

The other is metastasis cancer terminal all throughout his body. Takes all his pain but no head high.

I smoke it I get a head high for about 15 minutes then no pain for 1 hour. :+1:


Wait wait wait… u gotta explain that second paragraph… strain? :joy::rofl::joy:


Haha feel that. Nuff said honestly. U are a good man my dude

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I been growing for 35 years way too many strains to list I do remember one of my first was Black African back in 82 along with numerous strains from California to Crown Royal skunk from Mexico .

Most African and Mexican strains ive seen are sativa so ur on the right track. When i first started this grow journey i hunted for Black Majic Uruju or something along those lines. No avail.

I hear GREAT things about Cinderella 99, Critical Super Silver Haze was a spectacular sativa ive smoked and grown. Blue Dream is a solid hybrid. Berry Bomb (first pheno i tried) was pretty nice.

Its a by trial thing. N all that was just Tivas. Good hybrids have that same kick. Not even touching the CBD strains which comein mostly tiva hybrids


I love my Sativa strains as I am always tired. CBD works great for pain management but my Tora Bora is either 99% or 100% Indica so it puts me counting sheep behind the eyelids and works to cut my pain tonzero.

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I just had to ditch some super silver haze from Amsterdam they never cracked. Really mad wanted to grow that out and try it.

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I’m an indica guy myself. I like the couch lock or body high. There is only certain Sativas I like they mess with my heart rate and almost bring out anxiety and paranoia for me. The one exception is a hybrid blue dream. The next thing you know I can’t sleep. I’ve had a couple cod strains I’ve enjoyed which is really interesting as I was skeptical at first. It has its purpose for sure.


Haha ditto. Ive noticed most Hazes arent for me. Blue Dream is perfect tho. Anything GDP related gets hoarded


Blue dream is almost a perfect strain for me. I was saying to peat I could smoke it everyday which is crazy it’s all heavy Sativa. That might be the next set of beans. It’s usually heavy indicas for me.

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I’m a Sativa man. I had what I called The Holocaust. It was couch lock on steroids. I literally couldn’t move my body for 3 hours and it felt like my soul left my body and hovered 6 feet above me. Just a random bag seed m good friend grew.

I’m not a huge fan of not having control of my mind and body. Only Indica I can say I love is Tora Bora but its not for amateurs. Its a strain for those with a high tolerance.

I do love Blue Dream but there is better that I have had. Its still one of my favorite strains.

Hi @MrPeat can I get the name of that horny strain for my wife thank you.


I think most energetic strains work. I can take 2 Viagra and does nodda for me. Smoke a bowl and you get the idea. For me so far Blue Dream, GSC and Peach Puree CBD works for me.

Yeah TMI but I am not ashamed. I have massive spinal damage. I think its funny that weed works and 200mg of Viagra does nothing. Most would be hospitalized if they did what I did. I took 400mg and nothing.

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Humping your leg? What a visual :person_facepalming::joy: Anyway what is it with certain strains making people horny? Lol

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Did you journal your grow here? Tag me in or post link if you did please.

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I think its because of an energetic high. I can only speak for me and neighbor experiences.

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Where do you get your Peach Puree seeds from. I vape and smoke Hemp. I have arthritis all up and down my back

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@Deepsix I get it from Attitude. I suffer massive spinal problems. Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Arthritis, Bursitis and Scoliosis and this is about 1% of my spinal damage they know about. It takes all the pain away. I can’t brag it up enough. G13 Labs. I am now switching gears and buying CBD strains. :+1:

I was hurting so bad one day a bullet would have been good if not for the Peach Puree CBD. Its that good. It takes all cancer pain away as well and that says so much. :+1: