Where to get super soil ingredients

Am wondering where to get the super soil ingredients on a budget and if you need them all?

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I know a guy who could answer this one. @garrigan62, got some information on this?


I got mine on amazon.

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edit: I totally misread the question, I’m sorry. But here’s this anyway.

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Is amazon cost effective? I’ve never priced it all out, but some things get ridiculously priced there. Like dolomite lime. I can get a 40lb bag at my local garden supply for $5.

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It was for me.

@SoFlo if you have a grow shop/garden shop near you its more cost effective to buy there. Amazon is convenient but you are paying more all together.

Just get a 50lb bag of Sunshine #4 Promix and add a cup of Happy Frog fertilizer 5-8-4 and mykos and Amos and Microbe life photosynthesis plus and this has been the greatest super soil mix for seedlings through veg unto early flower in my opinion.

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Think it’s a matter of shopping around… I find amazon prime gets gets expensive

I got ingredients for the half a recipe on Amazon for around $100 and that does not include regular soild or coconut mix which accounts for most of the soil