Where to get equipment


A question from a fellow grower:

I would like to know where to get the proper equipment for a small indoor grow .10 to 20 plants max


10-20 plants cannot be grown in a small grow room. You would need 8-10SF minimum.

II have always bought my equipment off of ebay. I have never had an issue or anything weird come from buying on ebay :smile:
Let me know what you need, and maybe I can point you in the right direction


Yup Ebay or Amazon is where I do all my shopping
I also have many links to all kinds of things you may need, So make a list and i’ll send you my links if it will help



Amazon and Ebay, if you’re worried about people seeing what you’re getting, Amazon lets you choose the gift option for “stealth” shipping.


Our recommended place for all grow equipment is Dealzer.

Dealzer sells all sorts of tents, lights and accessoiries. Have a look at the complete grow tents, and at their Cash Crop Box. A plug 'n play hydroponic grow box.

Dealzer is based in the USA and accepts credit cards, paypal and offers payment plans.

Happy growing!

Robert Bergman


New find on ebay 8.00 soil ph tester also give moisture and light thought I share