Where to buy Nutes in Belgium/eu

Hi all, I’m having trouble finding the nutrients I want via online shops in the EU. Any ideas on places to look?

@scylents I’m asking a buddy of mine and he is from Belgium. He has a buddy that grows. He is currently in South Africa volunteering at a monkey foundation and their internet there is terrible.

Soon as he replies, I will let you know. :+1:

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Rock n roll man. Thank you!
Good that he’s native… I think I need to find a little niche place… the lockdown has the shelves empty in all the big chains.

I’m not promising that he knows a place. You would think you could find something in the Netherlands. After all they are pioneers of the industry. :+1:

Yea yea… no expectations…

Can’t cross the border without papers right now, and I can’t seem to even get a ph meter shipped across the border… Strange because we have 2-3 Amazon packages a day arriving but they won’t ship that or the test fluid stuff…

We have that happening here. It can take 6 weeks to get a package from England and Netherlands right now. Since the main hubs into the US starts with New York where they have a lot of deaths so far.

Some places can’t even ship into the USA right now. I have multiple packages inbound but some still are being held up because the USPS won’t accept the packages as of right now.

Example is my Tora Bora Seeds from a different seed bank since they don’t carry these strains here. I wish they did. It would make things easier.