Where to buy cheap bongs?

Hi masters,

I’m planning to buy a new bong. I want to use the most out of it. But before I do that I want to ask some recommendations on where I can buy cheap but quality bong

I would really appreciate your answer.

cheers and stay high!


Honestly, I bought a 12" glass piece with a nice perc stem, 2 bowls, & an ice shelf for 27 bucks, including delivery, from Amazon. It’s definitely not made by glass artisans, but it’s a great piece. Thick glass, too. I’ve had it for 6 months, now, w/o any issues.

Not sure what other sites we are allowed to send you to. I like Dankstop, but not sure I can tell you that, here. :grinning:

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@ blackthumbbetty

Thanks for your recommendation. sorry for the late response I was busy on my new job. anyway, I already bought mine online. Got my self a 11" JADE WHITE HONEYCOMB TO UFO PERC WATER PIPE. It looks good and works well. I read it on some forum post here.

Because I am a fan of LOOKAH, I have been using LOOKAH’s bongs. I just received my new bong some time ago. The mushroom head is very sexy. Recently, LOOKAH’s official online smoke headshop is carrying out promotional activities, and I have ordered several dab rigs. You can go to their official smokeshop to have a look, it’s really good and the price is very good.