Where the community? 420 somewhere

I wana hear all ur thoughts! What’s up growmie. I am a grower for 25 plus years I’m part of that Legacy they call it. The legacy cannot be left behind so I’m calling out there to see if any investors or how we can go about getting together cuz as of right now as I’m typing I have attorneys working their butts off 24/7 out of my pocket to obtain a licenses I’m going for two different types in the state I live in I already own a piece of property. This is all family operated looking for other families possibility or j all around people 420 brings people together 420 just doesn’t bring people together it heals people so I’m looking for people out there that are interested hit me up on this forum and then we can exchange contacts from there thank you happy growing stay medicated toke up. JJ.

Great board lol

Exchanging of personal information on this forum will get you kicked out. Please read the Forum Policy before posting again.


I read and there will be no exchanges. Ty ilgm

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No sweat!

Tag me into your grow when you can. I like seeing bud porn.

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