Where should the water level be in hydro after roots have grown and are in water

I am having issues. 2nd grow. First not a huge success. In second week of grow and the plants are 2-3 inches tall, but the leaves have turned yellowish, some a bit dark, and they feel almost as if they could crack. But the migddle leaves seem to be do well, as far as i know. Not sure if nutrient burn (using moon dust and cal mag) Just don’t get it. Getting frustrated and would like help. Should I do a flush and start over with fresh ph’ed water… I know my ph is right…5.8. Please help. thanks

An EC/TDS/PPM reading could help us determine if it is nute burn.

I’m guessing since you are using moon dust you are growing in one of the dealzer cabinet grows?

In the reservoirs that comes with that thing, and the way they recommend you grow with that thing, you should be asking Dealzer what they say about where the hydro level should be. Or what type of nutrient problems their moon dust might cause.

Also a big point of concern in a DWC hydro set-up is the water temp in the reservoir, this really needs to stay below 78f or you are going to have problems with your roots in the aerated solution, at above this temp the water can’t hold enough dissolved oxygen and the roots will start to drown or become waterlogged and die. About 70F is close to ideal for DWC hydro reservoir temps.

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Will get EC/ppm meter Monday. And call Dealzer on best water level in res. water temp could be the issue, although temp read 22 Celsius. Read smwhere about putting few ice cubes in res…u ever heard of this? One issue w Dealzer is I cannot send them pics or vid for feedback. May send u sm pics next day or 2. I LOVE growing, and smoking my OWN WEED I GROW, so I wanna do it right. You and Robert & all of ILGM are great. Appreciate your prompt feedback. Peace…