Where my bug guys/gals at?

So how worried should I be? Are they as damaging as fungus gnats?

Are you seeing a lot around?
Is this the only one you’ve come across?
If so I wouldn’t worry there are bugs everywhere…part of nature. They become pests when there are more than one and less than a swarm…lol.
Most will at one time or another have issues with fungus gnats so you may want to be proactive and have some BTi if/when needed. Not very expensive to have when needed.
Simply apply as top dressing and water in or mix with water and water it in.

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It was just the one. I’ve sat staring at my plants for over an hour today looking for anything that moves and haven’t seen anything. I’ve checked all the leaves nothing there either , nothing wriggling in the coco either Sticky traps are clean also after 24 hrs.



The last two pictures look like a wasp. Notice the pinched abdomen, stinger and two sets of wings. On top of this you said you only saw one which is typical unless there is a nest nearby.

Most ppl think only bees pollinate but wasps do as well. Bees are better pollinators but I would welcome this into my outdoor garden, should help fend off pest.

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He must have hitched a ride on me to get into my grow room. Guess I’ll need to make sure I double check for hitchhikers next time lol thanks for taking a look I certainly appreciate all the help I get here from the members :metal:

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Happy to help. Sorry For the confusion when I replied last night I was looking at a picture someone posted down in the thread.

They’re ingenious creatures that can access areas we feel are sealed off good. I had a lady bug get into my tent that’s in my attic. No idea how he managed that but I left him just in case I had any aphids roaming around. :slight_smile: good luck on current grow :+1::ok_hand:


I don’t want to play Monday morning quarterback, but I’m tellin ya, that was my first thought…wasp. Just the way the back and stinger looked to me.


I’m not completely 100% positive but that looks like a male carpenter ant I found 2 recently and took to an old remedy that my dad and grand dad used and got rid of them not sure how effective it would be in other regions

Only issue with that would be the stinger present as well as no bent antennae at least that I can tell. Can count the nodes on antennae should be 12 for carpenter ant