Where Munchies Come From?


I was reading through some marijuana myths after a friend told me the munchies come from an increased production of stomach acid. According to this article on the side effects of marijuana, munchies actually stem from a variety of factors (none being increased stomach acid). I’m not sure if the munchies are universally considered an “adverse effect” per se but it was still interesting to discover that my brain just believes I’m starving to death LOL


Grass … thanks for posting the link. Interesting article. I know many cancer patients who have been prescribed Marinol or MMJ for nausea and to increase their appetite. Who knew all those side effects were actually good things!


Yeah, I typically enjoy the munchies (unless I’m broke and out of food LOL) but I was surprised by the benefits too. I would love to see restrictions lifted so proper research could go into finding out other benefits. No wonder it’s been suppressed for so long!


Yea I hear ya,and its getting ridiculous with the doctors,they will pass out pain pills that slowly kill you like candy but when one wants to do some experiments with MMJ they act like he is doctor satan


I hear you Cash … it’s a shame more doctor’s aren’t on board with MMJ. I live in Virginia and it’s still VERY illegal here … we don’t even have medical MJ in this state. I live in a rural area and I have to talk to my doctor about MMJ tomorrow at my appointment. I just hope she’s understanding. I’m sick and tired of being peepee tested all the time. You would think the government would do some actual studies with the amount of people using MJ for medical reasons.



The National Cancer Institute admitted it can be used to kill cancer cells but the most progressive the DEA has been is to admit its less dangerous than heroin. I think at this point, the feds are just watching and waiting to see what way the tide flows. I think if CA goes legal in 2016, a lot more states will follow suit and the feds will legalize.


I figured it out as long as I smoke pot I will never lose weight o who cares .