Where is the music?

Currently my favorite band is Frank Sullivan and dirty kitchen. They are an acoustical americana band. And have some stuff on YouTube. Check out the song M-80 if you like the genre. I am always interested in enlarging my library so I was hoping to get some new blood by asking the community. What are you listening to?
There is lots of new talent out there. Some are just starting and just need to be heard in order to be successful. Preferably I like to stay current - I mean Pink Floyd is cool, just not current. Somebody who, if I like em I could go to a concert. Old Crow medicine Show is also one of my favorite bands. They have been producing music for about ten years.

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PLEASE listen to the band “SOJA” and “Rebelution”. If you’re into good music, you’ll love those two bands. I’ll add links to one of each bands best songs for you guys so you can decide if you like them enough to do more searching on them!

SOJA, Is a reggae group of brothers and friends. A unique lead singer is what catches your ears, but it’s the soothing and moving positivity in their music that keeps you listening. If you listen to one album of theirs, please make it “Born in Babylon”. It was their first album.

Rebelution. Also a reggae group, but more modern. They have 3 Albums that are inspirational music, yet down to earth and up to date. They preach good vibes and love. If you listen to just one album, please make it the “Courage To Grow” album. It’s also their first album lol, but it will immediately suck you into their music.

I’ve seen both of these bands 5-6 times now, they’re incredible! If you listen to Pandora, iRadio or any of those online radio stations, try typing in SOJA or Rebelution one day, the bands they play with these guys are great too! It’s all positive music, but really good music. Just my opinions, but I hope you guys enjoy!


I usually let the missus or my daughter listen to their music so I am way behind in music
Guess the white stripes are the newest for me Saw Pink Floyd in '94 seats sucked but was an experience. Kids screwed up my Pink Floyd cds so I had to buy the box set and hide it
Just bought a korg monotron delay to goof with lot of fun

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I mostly listen to talk radio, but when it comes to music, I like the 80’s style. Metal Hair bands.

I think for the modern music I’ve heard, I would have to go with something like Avenged Sevenfold or Volbeat. Both of those bands have a sound that takes me back in time.

I grew up in the 60’s. 70’s love that music
Now it’s
Motley Crue
Smashing Pukins
Alice in Chains
Just to name few and the louder the better



Hey Man, your hand must be better. Thais great news.
I like a lot of that rock also. Lets not forget the screaming trees, lol. Did you like it in Federal Way when you were there, I mean its my area and you said that you had lived here previously. Did you see some of those bands in live performance? Were you at the 1982 Grateful dead concert at the Seattle coliseum?

Thanks for your input

I will check em out and have not heard of them so thanks for bringing them to my attention.
I like bands that take me back in time.as you do. Twisted sister, Kiss, Scorpions, even Flock of seagulls.- Hair bands of the eighties. And then came DEVO, lol. The world must be crazy.
You have said that you enjoy the rural part of Florida living. Not being part of the frenzied way of life. At least that was my take. I thought maybe you had a Southern rock or bluegrass band to go with the lifestyle. I really enjoy the swamp music of some of the Cajun’s, great dancing and partying music also.


In 1982 I was in Alaska with my wife I met in Federal way. She worked at the High School on the corner of 99 and 308th
She lived on 5308th which is a dead end stops at the park.
When we came back we bought a house off of 21st ave s.w and 347th st. S.W
Yup I know it well. I painted redo’s durning the summer months. Made $2000.00 grand a week…lol


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I really liked Pink Floyd and still like em when I hear em. I saw Roger Waters in concert a few years back. Unfortunately it seemed that they getting a little more depressing to me. So I stopped listening to them. The song Money will always will be one of the greatest songs from rock and roll.So I did not know what a Korg mono-tron was. I checked it out via the net. Can you follow sheet music I admire you if you do.or are you just going to jam?

Gary Clark Jr., Greensky Bluegrass, Marcus King Band, Grateful Dead, Phish, Ween, Govt Mule, and the list goes on and on and on…

That must have been a great time in your life. I graduated from Redmond high in 84. Queensryc was a local band that started right around 82 they made it big.

Lol I’m guessing no one actually listened to the bands I suggested haha because nobody ever said anything about it. I figured though. But yea, any 90s music is good music. Now a days it’s awful, and I’m only 26.

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I just installed some speakers into the grow room today! I play music for my plants for at least like 30 minutes to hours each day.

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Thank goodness it does cause man, I love music. I just don’t hang out in the mainstream and don’t do popular trendy crap. At least I don’t think I do.And that is why I started this thread. I like what I consider eclectic. Hard to find or unknown talent.
Music is a method of bringing calm to my core. Do you have a current favorite? How about a music festival or past concert?

Thanks for replying. I am going to check into some of those bands…

That’s why its called it headbanger music,lol.

They should be appreciative. .

Chris Robinson Brotherhood has been on the record player a lot lately…very eclectic if you have never heard them…as for festival locken s an awesome time…

I remember back in the day I saw. Jim Morrison And the Door’s
Now that was one f…up s.o.b.he played till 3 in the morning then they pulled the plug
All hell broke loose…lol
Those were the days brother


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I’ve been listening to Rival Sons " Face of light" is a good jam also Wiser Time has a few good song I like “Long time gone”. One I think you might like @jeffro after listening to Frank Sullivan is a band called JJ Grey & Mofro " Lochloosa" is a good one. @FloridaSon you might like them too there from your neck of the woods .

I’ll have to check them out. I did some hunting in the area they take their name from. Tom Petty also came from that area. Gainesville us just a little further North.