Where i can download ilgm app. New phone,


But i cant find your Android app anywhere. Where you put it?


I don’t think they have an app? Just the website.


I havi it on mu last phone and thats 2 days ago. Yes 100% sure they habe it.


I have never been able to find it as it just appeared on my phone with a shortcut


Damn iphone lol


Cmon admins. Where i get this app? @latewood @garrigan65 @bob31


As far as I know there is no app.


I check on Google cloud if i could find there screens on my old phone i put this up here and you see i had it. Mhm.


You sure it wasn’t just a shortcut. I have one on my phone


Maybe it was. But somehow when i minimize my screen when watch what apps to close then its a look like application not open like over browser. And when open over this so called app then i have better user interface, like real. Uhh. Maybe Chrome do this somehow in my old phone,like tie with ilgm. Ok suck that


I’em checking with the front office right now. I should have an answer here any time now.


Nice :+1: wait for answer


Ya, i’em still waiting myself, but they will answer.


There is an app named Tapatalk which I have hooked to ILGM (and several other forums)

You input username and pw and then it mimics the forum set up or layout.


I was just told from the front office that there will not be an app. They will not invest in it. Sorry.
But it seems like @Screwauger has an answer for ya…thank you


But somehow Browser named Google Chrome on Android make this shortcut, only Web shortcut what i see being No app… Now i remember when i open this shortcut then notification come, it s says somthing about:
Use Chrome to open this and if i click on this its open Web browser.,thats why i have this thinking that may be an app… Ok i dont want make a request on Google too, haha :rofl:


Your to funny my friend…don’t ya just lov the computer age…lol


Same picture


I have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry