Where do we provide feedback on the ILGM grow journals?

@ILGM.Mitch , where do you want feedback on the journals?

On the journal themselves. Unless you’ve got a question about them specifically, then ask it here. Feel free to chime in on my one and only topic/page/.journal/whatever…

I have bug reports/feature requests for the (beta) Journal website. Surely those comments don’t go on a journal.

So there’s a separate website for journals?

Maybe here?

I believe a moderator created a post about New Grow Journals website! as a place for journals a couple of days ago.

I found it confusing as well. We already have a topic heading for journals.

Yea, well, the https://journal.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/ is separate from the forums, and it’s rather similar to growdiaries.com. I’m happy to put grow diaries in the better format (and have maybe companion threads in the forum), but am looking for how I provide feedback.

Well, yes, that’s where I posted this.

Post your bug/question/whatever here.

I’m not sure I like the idea of registering separately to post the same information.

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Hi guys,

thanks for your suggestions already! I have opened up my initial post for commenting. Please post your feedback and suggestions there! Sorry I didn’t do that right away.

To clear up some things:

  • Yes our Journals website is very similar to growdiaries.com. We wanted to provide a similar service for our customers so we built a custom website for that.
  • It’s fine if you don’t want to sign up for it and rather keep posting your grow journals on the forum. The Grow Journals section on the forum will remain as is so nothing has to change for you.
  • As @Jungle mentioned, we indeed see our Journals website as a place to gather your info in a nicely organized place. You can of course create companion threads on the forum or keep discussion in the comments on the Journals website.

I saw some feedback being posted in the Feedback & Suggestions channel so I’ll head over there now.

Thanks for your thoughts so far!