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It’s been a long time since I posted, although I’ve been ordering seeds all along. Multiple grows going on at the moment and for the first time in two years, I have been seeing some strange behavior from my plants. Three out of five tents have gone at least two weeks past the “suggested” flowering time (and one went a full month) before they were ready to harvest. Same lights, same process, the only thing different might have been temperature. Ocean Forest soil and nutes, following their schedule has up until this past spring yielded within five days of the target date. Not a big deal, stuff comes out pretty awesome, just curious.

Another thing I’ve learned is you can’t use the seed info as far as how much they’re going to grow during the first half of flowering. As has been stated elsewhere in the forums, they will grow anywhere from half to triple in size.

For instance, during the last few grows we’ve expected the higher sativa strains to grow more and the higher indica strains to grow less. We’ve been proven wrong about half the time. Even our Super Skunk which is 90% indica has almost tripled in size and had to be moved to a taller tent.

Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back to the forums, but I did miss you guys. The seeds are still awesome.


Strains that are hybrids can express so many ways I rarely ever expect them to be the same which is why I take clones and keep mother plants once you have strain that does what you want it is a simple matter of clone it. Using auto flowers you are at the mercy of the seeds themselves and good genes or not no 2 plants from seed are exactly the same. FF soils are decent and many swear by them but soil mixes can be inconsistant at the best of times and you actually get better control with soil less where there is only what you feed them making for the ablilty to dial in a hone a diet perfect for your strains much like hydro :wink:


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