Where did it go? AAaaaaahhh!


okay…was just perusing the seeds section as I enjoy studying the various plants. Wanted to take another look at Durban Poison since I was planning on getting some soon… hopefully by winning Bud of the Month,lol…
anyway… is it just me??
Or is Durban Poison GONE?! Like,… no longer on the site… maybe I am having a cookies glitch or something??
Is it coming back? When?.. big time panic… I know the strain is available elsewhere… but I kinda don’t like those guys.


Sorry @Oak I just look too and didn’t see the Durbin Poison They still have the other newer ones though. I was looking at the Green crack or Cystral not sure which one yet.


@Oak. And @tee3737,

I’ll check into that for ya.
We don’t want Oak to go into a complete nutrient melt down…lmao



thanks Will!!


No problem my friend.



That Crystal looks interesting !!!