Where are the vets at?

I’m was a 13b in the Army for 5 years, 2010-1015 I was stationed up in Kansas deployed to afghanyland in 2012 to 2013, moved to ok in 2014 and was there till Aug 2015 when I was med boarded. I was wondering where all my veteran grower and smokers were. I need more friends to talk to, I don’t like most of the civilians I meet, but I don’t hate all of them.

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Sorry to hear you hate me, but there are many vets here. @Usmcjojo @Countryboyjvd1971 are a couple. They’ll have a better list of fellow warriors for you.

I get the civilian comment. Most convicts feel the same way. It stems from all the disrespect and inconsideration that is coming from the weakening of our culture.

My humble opinion…



USMC here… 0317
8 yrs.
Iraqi freedom / kuwiat

Horrible PTSD here… still.
But managed well.
Don’t talk much about it… So please don’t ask.


@FloridaSon, I didn’t mean all civilians, just most. Should of been ore specific haha. Most of it is the attitude and entitlement of most of my stupid ass generation of “young punks”. I’m only 24, be 25 in March, but I have always hung around an older crowd.

@Traumamedic, I had a feeling you had been in the service. Thanks for your service. I have ptsd as well, MMJ is the only thing that helps other it as well as my chronic pain and anxiety.

Anyone who is a friend of Mary Jane is a friend of mine and a brother.





Blue Dream is my med of choice .
Give it a shot, works great.


thank you for your service @Hawkeye_diesel but there is no need to hate all civilians… some of us are civilians not by choice.

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Well thank all of yall for you sacrifice and services. I can’t imagine what kind of stuff you seen.
But I can imagine being 12-18 dealing with a drunken bastard ex marine step dad,just get drunk and if it in front of people would cry and say what he had to do and try and get sympathy. Or at home when I would be puss or fat ass,then at 18 finally he went to hit mom and I bout killed him.literally.
So don’t judge all us civilians off of one bad,and I’ll do the same


Desert storm vet here e4 p
But i don’t discuss it much
I was surprised at my self for even putting out here for the first time because I don’t talk about it much even to my wife
When I got out I didn’t look back

And @Hawkeye_diesel civilians aren’t bad people most just don’t understand what soldiers go through👍

@BIGE and @Nug-bug, I said it wasn’t all civilians haha just the ones I described, not all civilians are bad, just like not all people on the military are bad.

@Traumamedic, blue dream is my all time favorite, followed by, purple trainwreck, Jack flash, og kush, and a few other and basically any stating out there hahaha.

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It’s all good, Brother. I completely understand about the punks thinking they are entitled to something for the simple fact that they exist.

I really didn’t take it personal. My lame attempt at a little humor. I’d blame the Cheese that I just got, but I hate it when people blame their dumb s#!t on weed! :wink:

I have tremendous respect for those that have served. My record started before I turned 18, so I was unable.

Anyway, there are plenty of great people here and I’m glad you found this community…

Oh believe me @FloridaSon I’m happy and glad I found this place as well. Sometimes I forget stuff to do like turn off the light to my grow room, not the plant lights, but the actually lights, because I already have a shity memory and maybe because sometimes I toke and forget to haha. I personally believe that any member of the service that when they get out should be able to smoke and grow their a own smoke, no matter where you live. You fought for this country and you should be able to grow an innocent little plant if you want to.


Roll call, what state are my vet growers from, you can say just what part of the country if you want to. I’m from the good ole state of Oklahoma. Not so much a friendly MMJ state, yet.

I swim in the Atlantic ocean, and it’s very warm here… lmao!!!


Great state of New York whoop whoop :v:️:sunglasses::+1:

Texas brotha

@Hawkeye_diesel ,At your service . did my time in the Navy almost 30 years back . @ me if i can be of service to you .
Hammer .

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You’re not very far from me brother
@Hammer, I was wondering if you looked at my other grow journal on the members forum, it was about transplanting clones from a cloner type to my new bubble buckets. Also what did you mean in the first part of your last post ^?

@Hawkeye_diesel [quote=“Hammer, post:16, topic:8835”]
,At your service
LOL others and my self are SupportStaff , Moderators and Mentor’s .we are very experienced diverse group of people , that try to enhance your growing Experience by availing our knowledge’s and skill’s and abilities to all that wish to grow marijuana well … At your service ,:sunglasses::microscope::barber::crystal_ball::bulb::evergreen_tree::rose::bear::deciduous_tree::four_leaf_clover::strawberry::pineapple::fireworks::sparkler:::airplane:

Hammer ILGM Moderator .


Oh ok, sorry I was just high and couldn’t comprehend what it meant lmao @Hammer

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To all my brother and sister vets out there, thank y’all. This was the flag that was flown on my fob while I was deployed. Now has its final resting place to watch over my crops and protect them as it did for me when I was over there. Haha