Where are the Trichomes?

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Okay so this is my second run, 1st was photos and now autos, 2 Gelatos, 1 Zkittles and a Wedding cake. All started at the same time and just harvested the Zkittles and Gel. this past Friday, but the wedding cake has yet to develop trich’s. I did take my peeping glass (Loupe) and did notice a trich or two also noticed what I can only assume are trich formations on the leaves (pimples). This is claimed to be a 10-14 week and I am at week 12. Do I just need to ride out the storm? PS. She is still growing. Recently installed ceiling fan for better air flow. LOL


Well if looks like a duck and talks a duck… lol that right there’s a fan!


Whoa thats a lot of leaves growmie! U have scope the flower material under the leaves thats closer to the stalk. Thats a wild grow, looks healthy.

Just out curiosity what nutes did u feed her thru out the flower period? Looks like she may have had too much nitrogen which cause the excessive leaf to flower ratio.

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She is young. The hairs are thick and white. I bet she swells a lot and starts trichs soon. I chopped a lemon auto last night that never showed a lot. When trimming the sticky came. But i had dropped a light on it couple months back also…lol.

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Gaia 444 284, worm castings, Flower Fuel, cal mag, Iguana Juice, Fish Sh!t, Great White, and B-52

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10 weeks from seed or 10 weeks in flower?

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12 weeks into flower


A comparison to the others that have hit the chopping block. All were born an the same day. WOW!!! Had to transplant about 6 weeks in from 3-5 gal. would not stop growing. Trunk is ridiculous!!!


damn, i’ve heard of some strains taking a long time but not the ones you’re growing