Where are the seeds coming from?

Where do the seeds come from that are sold in the USA?
ILGM and other sellers have a large posted inventory but do they create the seeds or are they buying from another country and warehousing here?
Anyone with firsthand knowledge on origin of seeds?
One of the reasons I ask is the really really low percentage of seeds that are successfully germinating. One of the respondents thought that maybe the seeds are being irradiated when the come across the border. I am inclined to agree but really don’t have any factual evidence to back it up.

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Depends on the seed co. As for ilgm, gold leaf is made in house. That is Roberts strain. As for the other strains, I’m not sure if they’re all done in house. I’ve been lucky with every seed bank I’ve ordered from. 98% germination. I had one jack herer seed that never germinated. That’s the only one out of around 50 seeds that germinated fine.


I could be wrong but I think the return address said California.

Also I struggled early on, but now I get all of my seeds to germinate using a 50-1 water to hydrogen peroxide mix suggested by Bobbydigital above.

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They have depositories for their seeds in multiple countries for faster delivery times.


So what is your process.
Moist towels, let them soak or directly into medium?
Do you wait for tap root before placing in medium?

I am glad to hear it is a strain of Robert’s.
I had really good success with one of his strains in the past.
I am really interested in the 50-1 peroxide soak but need more info on complete germination process using that solution.

I just add a capful of peroxide to a shot glass then fill the rest with distilled or RO water. Drop the seed in it and place it in a warm, dark place. Typically they’ve sprouted a tail around 24hrs.

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How does cannabis germinate in the wild ?

A plant drops a lot of seeds hoping to get a few to land just right. Then they sit there all winter waiting for spring


Thank Gonna use this for my next grow.

@Maui3659 I put them in a cup of water with a 50-1 water to peroxide mix
Like Bobby said they typically crack and show a little tail after 24 hours
I wait about 72 hours though
Generally the helmet has fallen out and the little plant is 3/4 inches
I was burying that which was another mistake - I lost a couple that never came back up
Just make a tiny hole for the root to go into and make sure the top green part is somewhat exposed to the light

I get 100% to germinate, and I’ve only lost 1 in the dirt afterwards (no clue why), but my sample size is small.

I had a gorilla glue that I thought died in the dirt - the leaves stopped growing and dried up, but I left it there and after about 10 days it started to grow again.

In my opinion I think germination is one of the most over thought process.
So were I live in the US my tap water is already good ph
Level so I take my tap water in a glass and put my seeds in. if there different strains use different glass for each strain so you know the difference.
I soak over night then put right into my grow medium the next day inside my grow tent covered up till seed pops up then I uncover. I will snap a picture.
But iam also growing hydro
I also used a seed tray with a dome with a heating mat then took like a piece black plastic to cover the clear dome to keep light out
If your patient your seeds will pop in my opinion if you don’t soak seeds over night they take a few more days to germinate.
2 to 3 day is comon but 5 days is not uncommon either for days it take to germination
Heat and humidity is what you need


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Very easy to get good buds like this

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I was of the same opinion until trying to germinate the seeds I had received. After 30 or 40 seeds not germinating you begin to pay attention to what others are doing. Interesting that you only bury the tap root. I had not heard of that before.

Lol forgot a step after soaking the seed I put them in a rock wool cube that I also soak over night then I put the rock wool cube with the seed in it in the grow medium clay pebbles in my case

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I have 3 seeds that germinated out of 19 so far.
The strain is Gold Leaf.
Germinated within 48 hours.
Root are not short and stout, but are 1/2 to 3/4 inch long and thinner than a hair follicle so I am not optimistic. Should have took images and will do so if any others happen to germinate.
Question for all,
Will germinated seeds in soil sprout using florescent lights approx 4-6 inches above?
I have never used florescent lights but I might depending on the answer as I am a bit short on space.
Thank you in advance

I dont think you need light to germinate cannabis
I always cover mine till it pops up

I learned something new with regard to germination of the seeds. Normally I germinate between paper towels. Usually 3-5 days and seeds pop and I transfer to soil. Seeds that don’t germinate after 8-10 days are dumped. After a week the GG seeds I had in towels did not pop so I put them in soil (either that or throw them away). It took 14 days after that but a few did sprout.
From now on that is the steps I will follow. 3-5 in moist paper towels and then into soil whether they germinate or not…
Maybe it is the auto-flower seeds but I cannot ever remember a time that I went through so any seeds with such terrible results ?

Some companies ship big orders to the states ware they are split up and sent to the consumer…:+1: